Thursday, April 24, 2014

Ambuquads or "Quads" of Buck Rogers

T.W.K.E. 4 "Twiki " N22-23-T


Unknown Ambuquad

Pendar Personal Quad

Computer Council Member Dr. Theopolis

Computer Council Members 

Mr. Devronin

Receptionist Quad


Maintenance Androids

Gardner Android

Hanger Security/Cargo Androids

Pendar Delivery Drones

Zeta Prisoner Transport Pilot

Zetatian Prisoner Guard No. 1

Zetatian Prisoner Guard No. 5

Draconian Zygot Pilots

Delivery Quad

Floor Cleaner Quad

Food Cart Quad No. 1

Food Cart Quad No. 2

Luggage Carrier Quad No. 1

Luggage Carrier Quad No. 2

Personal Servo Drone

General Service Center Supervisor



  1. oi boa noite.
    gostaria de saber o preço do robô buki rogers verdadeiro .
    gostaria muito de saber o preço dele. obrigado.

  2. "Hi good night.
    I would like to know the price of the true robot [Twiki] rogers.
    I would love to know the price of it. thank you."

    Sorry, I don't have any price costs for Twiki, production or replicas.