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Ep 207 The Golden Man, February 19, 1981

Director: Vincent McEveety
Writer(s): Stephen McPherson & Calvin Clements Jr.
Guest Star(s):
Velis .... David Hollander
Mr. Graf.... Anthony James
Loran .... Bruce M. Fischer
Relcos .... Russell Wiggins
Lieutenant Devlin .... Paul Carr
Hag .... Diana Chesney
Onlooker #1 .... Richard Wright
Onlooker #2 .... Arthur Eisner
Marcos .... Roger Rose
Jailer .... Michael Masters
Alphie ... Bob Elyea
Hawley .... ?
Complete list of Cast and Crew:

The Searcher enters the Alpha Centauri Asteroid fields, the densest field they have ever seen, in response to a distress signal. In additional to the asteroids, there are magnetic storms that are fouling up the ships scanners. The distress signal is coming from a pod at coordinates 3-5-Delta. Asimov orders the ship to intercept at four degrees starboard (aka to the right). The Searcher locks on to the life pod and tractor beams it into the airlock. Buck and Hawk open the pod to reveal a Golden Boy. I thought the title was the Golden Man? Anyways...shouldn't there be a doctor on hand just in case the boy is alive and needs medical attention? Why are there no protocols about opening and reviving an unknown species from hyper-sleep? Did the Golden Boy's hand positions change from at his side to folded on his chest?

Dr. Goodfellow indicates that the boy is perfectly normal, but when he awakes, they want him to lie still like he needs his rest. What's that about? The oxygen indicator on the pod shows a two week depletion. The boy goes by the name Velis. Some how Velis got separated from his companion, Relcos. Velis gets excited that Relcos appears to be missing. Hawk and Buck both shush him to stay calm and rest, like a little boy. On the bridge of the Searcher, Wilma picks up Relcos life pod distress signal on the planet Iris 7. A magnetic field is headed to the Searcher, and will hit them in 60 hours with a destructive force of at least 9.5 on the standard scale. What scale are they referring to? A bomb? Earthquake? Whichever it is, it must be big.

Dr. Goodfellow indicates that the existence of a golden people has always been considered a myth for centuries. Kind of like Hawks race of bird-men. What are the odds that the Searcher has proven the existence of not one, but two fabled species within a single year? Whoops! With the view shield closed, the Searcher didn't know where it was going and crashed right into an asteroid. Velis is jolted out of bed and heads to the bridge where he finds Asimov under a huge metal beam that fell from somewhere (the ceiling?) in the crash. Buck, Devlin, two other guys and Asimov all try to lift the steel beam off Asimov. If four grown men cannot budge the thing, them I am guessing this steel beam weights in excess of 700lbs and probably would have killed Asimov if it really landed on him. Velis places his hands on the fallen debris and up it goes like Styrofoam. Asimov gets up completely unhurt. Not a broken bone, a collapsed lung, not even a scratch. It must not have actually landed on him, but around him.

Report from the engine room indicates there are no serious casualties. Inspection of the forward compartments revealed extensive damage to Sections 2, 3, and 4, but self-sealing has held. Asimov orders to energize the reverse tractor beams on full. So, they want to push themselves way from the Asteroid? Hawk engages the reverse thruster beams instead. With risk to burning out the fusion reactors, Hawk increases the beam into the red. With a lot of shaking inside the bridge, the ship doesn't move at all. Asimov orders the tractor beams off and Hawk confirms that the thruster beams are off. Velis assures that if the Searcher was to locate his buddy Relcos that he would be able to make the ship lighter to free them from the asteroid. Asimov agrees, and Buck and Velis take a shuttle down to Iris 7.

Relcos has been taken prisoner by Loran and a pitch fork and torch wielding mob. Relcos was found in his lift pod down by the river. The mob believe that he is really made of gold. I guess the gold makeup is supposed to be more realistic gold then what we see on screen. Loran brings Relcos to the center square where there is a makeshift jail waiting for him. Loran releases Hawley from the jail to make room for Relcos. Loran points his rusty blade at Relcos, threatening him. Relcos grabs the blade and turns it into jade. Not sure how a jade knife is less threatening that a dull rusty metal one.  Oh man, the voice overs remind me of a Disneyland Park video going through the Pirates of the Caribbean. Relcos turns the bars to glass and breaks out the of the little jail. The crowd shouts that he must be crazy. I mean, why would anyone want to escape from a violet mob of men and woman who took you captive with weapons, and are constantly poking and taunting you? He must be crazy to want to escape that.

Buck enters the town to find everyone running around all excited. Trying to hide and not attract any attention, Buck and Velis are quickly seen and surrounded. Buck uses his fighting skills and attacks his assailants, but is quickly overwhelmed and placed in a more solid jail. Strange that a penal colony would have a jail. Mr. Graf (another cameo from Season 1, Anthony James, who played Varek in A Plot to Kill a City) questions Buck on why he is on Iris 7. He is charged with bring a weapon inside a Penal Colony. Graf takes Velis away from Buck, and brings him outside where there is a emergency dispatch ship that crashed 5 years ago and cannot fly any more. Graf want Velis to reduce the weight of the ship by half so the one remaining engine will be able to lift the ship off the ground and into space.

20 hours later, and miles away in space, the Searcher continues repairing bulk heads and other things. In all this time, they have not head a word from Buck. How long will they wait till they think something is wrong? They only have 40 hours left before the magnetic storm hits their ship. Dr. Goodfellow finds out that the planet Iris 7 is in fact inhabited, and with prisoners no less. How can Crichton have been so wrong? Hawk takes the initiative and flies down to the planet to help. Relcos wakes up in a pile of hay and is discovered by Marcos. He offers Relco his lunch and they have a Kodak moment together. Buck and Velis trick the Jailer into sticking his arm in the cell. Buck threatens to rip it off if the jailer doesn't surrender his keys. Hawk wanders into town incognito wearing a huge and bright colored cloak and hood. He certainly wouldn't catch my eye as being weird. Mr. Graf offers 1,000 gold solaries to the one who brings him the Golden Man (Relcos). Now if they believed Relcos could change anything into gold or silver, then 1,000 gold solaries isn't a lot as a price for someone who can make unlimited gold solaries. Hawk walks through the crowd and onto the stage. He introduces himself as Kordis Hawk, Inspector General of the Retributive Justice Council. Hawk demands the release and surrender of Buck and the Golden Boy along with the missing Golden Man. Hawk threatens the crowd that there is a battle cruiser orbiting the planet and will attack if he or the others are harmed in any way.

Hawk finds Buck and Velis first. Hawk sees a 'gold' man in the window above them. A quick inspection reveals a Hag trying to paint up Alphie to look like the Golden Man in hopes to swindle people in believing he is the Golden Man. However, the real Golden Man is being paraded down the street to the damaged ship. Graf forces Relcos to make the ship lighter. Hawk interrupts the Graf and his attempt to escape the planet. Unfortunately, Hawk gives himself away when he demands to know who shot the ship down. It would seem that the Federation and everyone else knew that it was a legitimate accidental crash. He makes a run for it. Graf is too smart for the average colonists and heads Buck and them off at the gate out of town. Four against two. The colonists are clearly out numbered. Buck and Hawk take them all out with no effort at all. All on the other side of the gate, Relcos and Velis fuse the gate closed. The bars get so hot that they turn red. Isn't Buck holding onto the bars?

The magnetic storm has finally hit the Searcher. Funny how it looks like it is snowing in space, with a heavy breeze no less. The storm is getting worse, life pods are ready just in case they have to abandon ship. Velis encourages Relcos to lighten the ship. Ironic that Buck and Hawk prevented Relcos from lightening the ship for Graf so he could escape, only to bring him to the Searcher, where they want Relcos to lighten the ship so they could escape. In both scenarios, it seems that if he doesn't do what they ask, he will die. After much work, the Searcher finally manages to break free from the asteroid. The bow pressurization is three standard atmospheres. No major structural damage. Everyone is alright. A shuttle from Vela 5 docks with the Searcher to take Velis and his son, Relcos, back home.

Character Facts learned in this episode:
 Alpha Centauri Asteroid Field: Is 3.6 grids wide, with stable density. Contains magnetic storms, that get stronger near the center of the field.
Velis: capable of Psychokinetic chemistry (has the power to alter the molecular structure of metals. Can make them heavier of lighter by subatomic oscillation). Is Relco's abba (Father). From planet Vela 5.
Relcos: 5 years old.
Hawley: Imprisoned for selling watered-down liquor
Hawk: First name is Kordis.
Marcos: Works in the livery for Loran.
References to the 20th Century that the 25th does't get: Mardi Gras, down for the count
Favorite quotes
Filming location: Universal Studios lot
Easter Eggs:
Deaths: 0
Searcher's Mission: To find the lost tribes of Earth
Miniatures: (1) Searcher (1) Shuttle (1) Asteroid Field (1) Escape Pod (1) Launch Tube

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Ep 206 Mark of the Saurian, February 5, 1981

Director: Barry Crane
Writer(s): Francis Moss
Guest Star(s):
Lieutenant Devlin .... Paul Carr
Ambassador Cabot .... Linden Chiles
Doctor Moray .... Vernon Weddle
Lieutenant (Nurse) Paulton .... Kim Hamilton
Senior Officer .... Stacy Keach Sr.
Major Elif .... Barry Cahill
Technician .... Alex-Hyde White
Willie (Wing Man) .... Alan Hunt
General Kenton (Captain) .... Frank Parker
Crew Member .... Andrea Pile
Red Leader Alpha .... ?
Blue Leader Victor (voice) .... ?
Complete list of Cast and Crew:

Deep in the Delta Quadrant lays a Defense Station. Major Elif radios Red Leader Alpha for a progress report on the Sentry Sweep. It has been completed as ordered. The squadron was making sure that all the Saurian fighter ships had left Alliance airspace per the terms laid out in Armistice. Red Leader Alpha requests permission to enter the restricted zone. Defense Station submits the approval codes. ETA, one minute. Code is 452X(Divsion symbol)CE/C (The computer buttons appear to have come from a calculator). Reentry programmed for 54 seconds. Willie expresses his anxiety regarding the reentry process. They enter the Stargate. Once Alpha Team has cleared the parameter defense they have to contact Docking Control on the assigned frequency. Someone knocks on the door. Major Elif requests the person to display the correct code sequence. Elif opens the door. Surprise! An exact mirror image of Elif shoots the real Elif, vaporizing him and takes his place at the control station. He fiddles with a devise on his wrist, revealing his true reptilian appearance under the human disguise. Blue Leader Victor now requests permission to enter the restricted zone, right behind Red Leader Alpha. The switch is complete.

Shuttlecraft 155 is locked into the tractor beam, and must proceed with normal docking procedure to board the Searcher. Hawk comes in to Bucks hospital room before he goes out on patrol. Buck has Cygnus fever with a temperature scale of 12.6. Dr. Goodfellow is currently working on trying to kill the virus that has infected Buck. It would seem that Buck picked it up while on a planet because he wasn't wearing a respirator. Down on the Observation Deck, Ambassador Cabot greets Admiral Asimov. Asimov calls the Ambassador "your Excellency" while Buck watches the greeting from his room. Watching the action unfold on TV, Buck notices that the Cabot, Moray, and their aides are all glowing green. How strange. Nurse Paulton comes in to check on Buck. Buck asks Paulton to fix his TV to get rid of the green fuzz. Paulton has no idea what Buck it talking about. So, it isn't something that the camera's are picking up, but Buck himself. Even stranger. Could this be due to the virus that is coursing through Buck's veins? Well, Buck has to find out for himself! He sneaks out of bed and heads down to the observation deck to check out the Searchers guests. Nope, even in person, Buck still see's the green glow. It's real! Ambassador Cabot notices Buck and becomes paranoid that Buck must know something!

Asimov is showing off the ships R.S.V. to Cabot. Telling him how light it is, how well it's made, and about its durability. It is powered by a photonic engine. It is also the latest design in the entire universe. The R.S.V is powered by a new proton engine giving it a greater range. Most of this conversation is inaudible.

Wilma escorts Buck back to his hospital room. Also in their room, Cabot and Moray are worried about Buck looking at them funny. They need to take care of it, otherwise they wont be able to take over the Defense Station. Cabot fiddles with a devise on his wrist revealing to the Audience that they are reptilian as well. Could they all be Saurian's? The following day, Asimov continues the tour for the Ambassador and his party. He shows them the Searcher's Navigational Computer Terminal. The computer itself however is on "D" Deck. The Searcher's course is maintained automatically. Dr. Moray requests to see the ships medical bay. Devlin shows Dr. Moray the way. Is this a secrete ploy to check on Buck Rogers and see why he looked at them funny? Dr. Goodfellow allows Moray to see Buck Rogers as he sleeps (what happened to Devlin?). Lt. Paulton comes in with Buck's treatment. Goodfellow orders Paulton to administer just one C.C. (or one millimeter) of chlorzine, probably for his hallucinations. Goodfellow shows Moray the Medical Optical Engram Imager. Just then Lt. Paulton spills Buck's hot meal on him. In pain, Buck looks up, and sees Moray for the lizard man that he really is. Buck runs after Moray and sounds the alarm. "What in the name of Theseus is he doing out of Bed?", Asimov makes another reference to the Greek king. Buck describes seeing the green glow around Moray, but everyone just looks at him like he is crazy. I mean, he must be hallucinating because he is sick, right? I mean, it makes sense that it would be a common side effect for sick people. How frustrating for Buck and the Audience to be constantly dismissed like that. Nothing like no one listening to you or believing you and chalking up your rantings as being delusional.

Moray requests that he be permitted to kill Buck Rogers for being able to see through their image screen. Cabot declines his request. They must proceed with the plan. Their plan is to get into Delta Quadrant Headquarters (Don't they already have a guy there?) and replace the five senior officers who control the entire Alliance Defensive System. In the mean time, they will find out what Buck see's and why. Uh, where they not listing? He see's a green glow or aura around them. I think Buck was quite vocal to everyone what he see's. Only with a blood sample will they be able to find out why Buck can see through their disguise. Moray goes to Goodfellow to convince him to provide that sample of blood. Morary mentions to Goodfellow that he had a similar case on the Planet Librax. Goodfellow agrees, and administers a sedative to Buck. Moray mentions that he forgot his hemofractionizer and asks Goodfellow to get him one. A good excuse to get Goodfellow out of the room. Moray gives him a couple of shots, to counter the sedative and to get a pure blood sample. A side effect to this injection is intense pain. Buck wakes up and see's lizard man again, and attacks. How does Buck know that lizard man isn't a guest on the ship instead of an intruder? Buck tries choking the reptilian, but Paulton and Goodfellow come in and put a stop to it. Buck must not have been very good at choking someone out, or Moray was extremely resilient, because after 20 seconds of choking, Moray was still conscious.

Wilma contacts Hawk while he is out on Patrol. His call sign is Red Boy 1. She requests his immediate return to Searcher. Searcher was headed towards a Stargate, however, is now deviating off course. Using astral scan, they determine their position. Their deviation is 3 degrees off starboard, toward Delta Quadrant. They will arrive in 19 minutes 4 seconds. The ships plasma gyros are unresponsive. They cannot course correct. Why, by "the Hammer of Thor", are they off course? Wilma enters the Medical Bay to check on Buck. It appears that his fever has broken and is no longer seeing the green glow around the impostors. Actually, with Buck's blood sample, Moray was able to determine the frequency to which to set his projector so he and his troop appear normal to Buck. On the bridge, the Technicians have taken apart the control panel to find out what is wrong with the guidance systems, but are running out of time before the reach the Restricted Zone. They are less than 4,000 grids from Delta Quadrants defense zone. Now 3,000 grids. Curious about Buck's description of the green lizard men, Wilma shows him last weeks telecast of the Unconditional surrender of the Saurian Empire to the Alliance. Buck confirms that he was seeing Saurian's, and not hallucinating!

Searcher is now 2,200 grids from the Defense border. They will cross that border in 14 minutes. In five minutes they traveled 1800 grids. So, they were traveling at 360 grids a minute, or 6 gps (grids per second), and have now slowed to 157 grids a minute, or 2.61 gps. Delta Quadrant Headquarters hails the Starship Searcher and requests that it make a course correction before it enters the Defense Zone. Buck, in the lab, tries to convince Goodfellow that when in pain, his adrenaline spikes allowing him to see the Saurain's for who they really are. Where is Hawk? I thought he was supposed to come back from Patrol soon...How far away was he? Moray enters the lab and Buck takes the opportunity to try to prove to Wilma and Goodfellow that he was not hallucinating. Buck intends to inflict pain upon himself so that he would be able to see Moray once again as a Saurian and not as a human. How would this convince Wilma and Goodfellow that Buck is seeing something different? Wouldn't it be more effective if Wilma or Dr. Goodfellow put their arm in the shock devise? Well it didn't work anyways. Clearly Buck is deranged, and a psychopath and belongs in the brig. Somehow, by conducting this little experiment Buck violated diplomatic protocol when he...what, inflicted pain on himself, or accusing Moray to be a Lizard man?

Searcher is now traveling at speeds of 14 gps (grids per second), with 11 minutes away from the defense zone. So, now they are 9,240 grids away when they were only 200 grids three minutes ago? I think the writers need to work on their math. Searcher is now 7 minutes 13 seconds away. 6 minutes. Sound General Quarters! All personal to report to duty stations.

Ambassador Cabot pleads with Major Elif of the Delta Station to disengage the auto-defense. Elif, has to clear it with higher authorities. I guess they have to put on this little show as to not appear suspicious. I mean, what was the point of replacing Major Elif if he wasn't going to deactivate the auto-defense?General Kenton enters the scene and permits the Searchers clearance through the defense zone, on the condition of disengaging their plasma drive and proceed at half speed. With a click of a button, Buck is able to spy..er...watch the goings on the bridge. It's a good thing that Buck turned it on right at that moment to see the video screen of Major Elif glowing a nice healthy green. Apparently he didn't get the memo to change the frequency on his imager. Buck has had it! He grabs his pistol and storms out of bed.

Buck has taken over the bridge of the Searcher, threatening to atomize anyone who moves. Hawk finally makes it back to the Searcher. 'Bout time! The Defense Station has plans now to send a squad of security forces on board the Searcher. They will board in 2 minutes. Buck bangs the video screen  with his fist, causing him pain. He see's through "Major Elif's" imager. Hawk makes it to the bridge just in time to disarm Cabot, who pulled out a concealed pistol. Buck changes the temperature on the bridge to make the environment more uncomfortable for the Saurians. The temperature drops below scale 2, and all the Saurians pass out into a forced hibernation. Somehow, their wrist imagers malfunction, and they are all exposed for what they really are. Buck informs the Defense Station that the Major Elif is also a Saurian impersonator. He is quickly arrested and taken away. Dr. Goodfellow comes to the bridge and acts like he was there they whole time and had quite an experience as security escorts the Saurians to the brig. Had the Saurians succeeded on gaining control of the Defense Station, they could have blackmailed the entire galaxy. Uh, say what Asimov?

Twiki, with his awful voice, is bringing Buck flowers as get well gift. Paulton waves something around Buck checking his temperature. All most back to normal. Twiki enters and presents the flowers, Twiki is happy in bringing them, and everyone is happy again.

Character Facts learned in this episode:
Delta Quadrant Defense Station: The most awesome offensive and defensive station in the entire history of man. Any ship flying withing 2,000 grids without the proper codes is destroyed automatically.
Saurians: Suing for peace. Was a threat to intergalactic peace
Dr. Moray: Chief Adviser to the Ambassador
Ambassador Cabot: Succeeded in negotiating the unconditional surrender from the Saurian's (doesn't sound like much of a negotiation) to the Alliance
Cygnus Fever: No longer affects humans, however, Buck's immune system has not evolved as current human's and gets infected.
General Kenton: Vice Commander of Delta Quadrant
References to the 20th Century that the 25th does't get: "Top of the morning to ya"
Favorite quotes: "You cannot hallucinate something you've never seen"
Easter Eggs:
Deaths: 6
Searcher's Mission: To find the lost tribes of Earth
Miniatures: (1) Searcher (4) Starfighter (1) Defense Station (1) Shuttlecraft 155

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Ep 205 The Guardians, January 29, 1981

Director: Jack Arnold
Writer(s): Paul Schneider & Margaret Schneider
Guest Star(s):
The Guardian (Janovus 26) .... Harry Townes
Edna Rogers (Buck's Mother) .... Rosemary De Camp
Lieutenant Devlin .... Paul Carr
Koori .... Barbara Luna
Boy .... Shawn Stevens
Charlie (voice) .... ?
Helmsman (Lt. Parsons) .... Dennis Haysbert
1st Guardian .... Vic Perrin
Lame One .... ?
Mailman .... Howard Culver
Lambda Control (Voice) .... ?
Complete list of Cast and Crew:

The Survey Team (Buck and Hawk) scout the Terra-class satellite, southern latitudes. The land is hilly with dry grass. Wilma requests an update from Buck. Buck gives the all clear right before a gust of wind picks up, forcing the Survey Team to seek shelter. Admrial Asimov reports that the Searcher will be refueling at the Lambda Colony in three days. From there they will continue to survey the rest of Crusis. Hearing a bell in the wind, Buck and Hawk go investigate. They are led to an open grave with a headstone that reads "JANOVUS XXVI". A little ways from the grave is a cave where they find an old man sleeping on a stone. He informs Buck that he must take the Jade Box to his successor. That only a Man of Past and Present Time can serve as bearer of the symbol. The old man has been waiting 500 years for Buck's arrival. Buck must not open the box as it contains terrible power. Because the old man is dying, he guilt's Buck in honoring his request. Buck now has no choice. He is the chosen messenger. After some good arm-twisting, Buck agrees to the mission. Janovous dies, and Hawk and Buck bury him in the available grave. Buck falls asleep in the cave and ends up touching the Jade Box. He dreams about his last few days on Earth before doing out to space.

He awakes sitting in a lawn chair, reading a NASA manual. His mother calls to him telling him that lunch is ready. He looks around confused. Now, is this confusion because he is dreaming about the past, or did he travel back in time, wondering how he got here? Is this a 'past' that actually happened, or a recreation of memories pieced together to give the impression that he is somewhere real? Buck was on furlough for two weeks and heads back to work tomorrow. Buck is so confused that he thinks that it is possible that his whole life in the 25th Century was all a dream. So, putting the first and second season together, Buck was at his mothers the morning/afternoon before his last flight, then went back to his apartment to meet Jennifer for dinner. Early the next morning, Buck is flying Ranger 3 through space. Telemetry, Fuel consumption, & timeline all check out. Buck informs Charlie at Mission Control that he wants to try the Automated Maneuver Series. Mission Control denies his request. Buck argues that if they do it now, they will be 6 months ahead.
The speed of progress outweighs personal safety sometimes. Charlie gets the O.K. and all thrust systems are a go, but no more than a three minute burn. G-forces hit a 7, and Ranger 3 is still accelerating. No. 3 engine is causing some vibrations. Charlie orders Buck to cut engine three. Buck thinks it's the Exhaust Turbos from 1 and 2. The shuttle beings to roll as he tries to stabilize it. Buck is off course and no longer on Mission Controls scopes. Life support is damaged. Cockpit heating failure. Controls are freezing. Add the exact same FX shots of Bucks Shuttle from The Awakening drifting in space and being shot. Still within radio contact with Mission Control, Buck is frozen in perfect hibernation.

Hawk wakes Buck up. He's back in the 25th Century. What's this? Buck managed to pull the daisy flower from his vision back with him in the present. It wasn't a dream at all. He was really there, and still ended up doing exactly what he did the first time. Doesn't he ever learn? Back on board the Searcher, they head out to Lambda Colony. Helmsman computes the course. 140 degrees cubic, sixth galaxial plane. Buck brings the Jade Box to the bridge and Admiral Asimov has Crichton study it for a possible lead on where it should go and to whom. Dr. Goodfellow is on the case. He has studied the manuscripts accompanied with the box and discovered a theme:
"Ten unknown, humble, righteous souls whose duty it is to preserve the forces of world order.
Each entrusted with a symbol that holds one of the cosmic dimensions in place."
Helmsmen announces that the Searcher has changed course to 359 degrees cubic (219 degrees off course), to the edge of the galaxy. Back on course to Lambda Colony, Admiral is glad to tell Devlin that his wedding can proceed as planned. Devlin is engaged to Dierdre. Her ship is to arrive on Lambda two days ahead of the Searcher. Buck and Hawk enter the mess hall and set the Jade Box down in front of Admiral Asimov, who, disregards The Guardian's warning and opens the box. On doing so, everyone in the mess hall begins to cough, age quickly, then die from starvation. Thank you Asimov! oh, phew! It was just an hallucination. Everyone is fine. Buck charges Hawk to watch the Jade Box, who also opens it. Koori appears to him. Somehow the box pulled her from the spirit world back into the living dimension. Wilma takes the box from Hawk and on her way to the lab, she sees herself wearing glasses, a cape and walking with a cane. She is blind. What does it mean?

Just like that, Devlin is back on the bridge with Asimov and Buck. Helmsman reports again that the Searcher has changed course back to the edge of the galaxy. I wounder if the Jade Box has anything to do with it? Well Devlin's station is showing that the spectroscopic star fixes are all showing a uniform two-thirds red shift. Whatever that means. "Two-Thirds red shift!?!" Oh no, not two-thirds red shift! They are 508,000 grids away from Lambda Colony and increasing geometrically at a rate of 62 grids per second. At this distance, it would take 132 years to get back to Lambda Colony. The meaning of Asimov's vision becomes clear, if they turn around and head back to Lambda Colony, the entire crew will starve to death before they made it. Wilma and Devlin try to radio Lambda Colony Control. I would be shocked if they could communicate at this distance. Wilma picks up a voice responding to her hails on Subspace band 35.9. She orders full power and static suppressors. Success! They contacted Lambda Colony Control. Wilma tries to tell Lambda that they wont be able to make their scheduled time due to their navigation issues. Lambda Colony is shocked to hear from them. Apparently they are 8 months late and have been officially labeled as 'lost' in space. So, for the crew on Searcher, it has only been a couple of hours. For the men and women back home it has been 8 months, but they have traveled the distance equivalent to 132 years. Cadet Dierdre Lasalle (Devlin's fiancee) was on board a rescue vessel to find Searcher, but was killed when the ship crashed six months ago.

Dr. Goodfellow is working on the Jade Box. He voice records his findings: Apparently the Yttrium laser beam is useless. 100% of all energy was deflected. Something that should be impossible. Devlin enters the lab and plans on destroying the box. Devlin feels the box will bring damnation to them all, when ironically destroying the box is more likely going to bring damnation to them all. Wilma enters the lab and tries to stop Devlin. Devlin drops the box causing it to emit a light so bright, that it blinds Wilma. Now we see the meaning of her vision. Asimov talks to Colonel Deering like a little girl "What is it child?" Is that how an Admiral speaks to a Colonel while on duty? Well, a crying woman is all Asimov needs to finish up where Devlin left off. Let's make Wilma's blindness be in vain and destroy the box that she was trying to save. The box is launched into space...then disappears. Helmsmen requests the Admirals presence on the bridge. There, sitting in the Admirals chair, is the Jade Box! Like a nightmare, it is back to reek more pain and destruction on the crew! With nothing to loose, and no other choice, Asimov finally agrees to allow the box to take them where it is piloting the ship. About time!

Blind as a bat, Wilma rest in bed. Dr. Goodfellow has done all he can to save her sight. But without surgery, she will be permanently blind. Buck and Devlin both come to her bed side and try to give her hope, here, in her darkest hour. The Searcher changes course again, five degree's off axial. Red shift now at 9/10ths. Twiki and Crichton come with the report regarding the ships stores. They are down to two weeks left of food, fuel and medicines. This comes as a shock as only three days ago they had 18 months of stock left. Dr. Goodfellow quotes Shakespeare's, Julius Caesar, "The fault...is not in our stars, but in ourselves" in response to Asimov's belief that the box is evil. Buck explains the purpose of the box's visions. His vision of his mother was the problem with pride, and Hawks vision showed him it was wrong to change the order of life. Wilma lashed out of Lt. Devlin in anger and lost her sight. The Searcher is brought to a Terra-Class system, er, planet. Resume stations everyone! Wilma heads to her consul with no sight issues. The Holo scan pattern shown on Wilma's screen suggests a building or large structure. Hawk, Wilma, and Buck take the shuttle down to the planet.

They arrive in a ancient town that they think must be hundreds of years old. It has an ancient Egypt style to it. Very reminiscent to the hieroglyphics on the Jade Box itself. There, in the center of town, like a monument, is the tombstone of JANOVUS XXVII. Apparently he died before Janovus XXVI. Don't they go in order of successor? Oh, there is life here after all. A limping Shepard with a bell on his staff enters the deserted town. Hmm, just like the bell over Janovus's grave... Startled, the Shepard tries to run away, but Buck assures him that all is OK. He, is referred to as the Lame-One. He brings his sheep here often, but his home is over the hills and through the woods. Buck is discouraged that his lame-one couldn't be who they seek. An earthquake shakes the ground. An explosion erupts from no were, opening a chasm that the Lame-One falls into. He is gone. Talk about being at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Just then, nine monks materialize on the wall, and thank the people of Searcher for helping them discover the 10th power. The 10th guardian is finally in his place and has been delivered the symbol of time. So, what, was this some kind of test for the Lame One or Buck? Why would the Guardians need proof of compassion and sacrifice? Doesn't make sense. 1st Guardian announces that everything should go back to the way it was before everything went haywire. Back on board the Searcher, their ETA to Lambda Colony is 1430 hours (2:30pm). Back on scheduled. Speed and food is normal. Communication is normal, and time is back to normal. Even Dierdre is alive and waiting on the ramp for Devlin. All is back to normal. Yeah!

Character Facts learned in this episode:
The Jade Box: Atomic structure is photon-sensitive causing it to have a flickering light. Contains a terrible power that holds a cosmic dimension in place. Specifically, the power of 'Time'. Is passed down from one Janovus to the next. Contains images on the sides and lid. On the lid is a Hawk (Hawk of Horus?), Eye of Horus and ___. On the side contains three more symbols, with the Star of David in the middle.
Buck's Flight Plan: The first rocket exploded due to a fuel problem the first time it was tested, killing the pilot. Buck was chosen over 12 other contestants. Buck's one big ambition was to pilot a deep space probe.
Janovus XXVI: Guardian of Time.
Lieutenant Devlin: Engaged to be married to Cadet Diedre Lasalle on Lambda
References to the 20th Century that the 25th does't get
Favorite quotes: "I'm not frightened, just startled"
Easter Eggs:
Insults to Crichton: Idiot
Insults from Crichton
Deaths: 1
Searcher's Mission: To find the lost tribes of Earth
Miniatures: (1) Searcher (1) Music World (1) Jade Box (1) Ranger 3 (1) Searcher Shuttle

Friday, February 14, 2014

Ep 204 Journey to Oasis, Part 2 January 22, 1981

Director: Daniel Haller
Writer(s): Robert & Esther Mitchell
Guest Star(s):
Ambassador Aram Duvoe .... Mark Lenard
Admiral Zite .... Len Birman
Lieutenant Devlin .... Paul Carr
Raka .... Donn Whyte
Odee-x .... Felix Silla
Technician (Ensign) .... Alex Hyde White
Ezarhaaden (Voice).... Ron Gans
Complete list of Cast and Crew:
Oh man, Aram and Wilma are discussing old times. Feelings inside Aram that have been long forgotten are starting to stir once more. Like wise, Wilma is feeling those same emotions bubble to the surface. Will they disregard their careers as Colonel in the Earths Directorate, and peace Ambassador in the Zykarian government to run off together to live happy and fulfilling lives? I think if Hollywood ever rebooted Buck Rogers, Patrick Stewart would be good for Aram Duvoe. Little does Wilma know, but she sat down right next to a giant Lichen that begins to strangle them both. Buck comes to the rescue. Goodfellow is excited about the discovery of the lichen and naturally wants to study the dangerous  fungus, paying no mind to the near death situation that Wilma and Duvoe where just in. With no time to relax, Atavar huntsmen launch spears down on-top of the Team. Thank you Atavar's for the Spears! They needed some weapons in this dangerous place. Where is Ambassador Duvoe? The strangulation from the lichen caused Duvoe some distress that he was forced to remove his head to readjust himself. Unfortunately, Buck discovered the Ambassador with his head off. Buck looks at Duvoe like some kind of monster or that the fact that Zykarian's can remove their head is a dirty little secrete. Buck almost looks at Duvoe like head removal is some kind of crime, or sin that Duvoe must apologize for. "Does Wilma know that you are one of those kind of people?" If she knew, she might not accept him. What a nice prejudice the show is teaching viewers when it comes to those who are different.

As night falls, Hawk requests that he stay behind to capture Odee-x. Buck agrees. Odee-x however puts a sleeping spell on Hawk, then snuggles up to him. How weird...and creepy. You know, for someone who has always eluded being killed by the Atavar, he has been taken unawares twice now by Hawk. He doesn't seem as careful as he said he was. Buck and Wilma have a little pow-wow, where Buck implies how wrong Duvoe is for Wilma because he can remove his head. He is clearly an evil person. Wilma puts Buck in his place. Something that I wouldn't have expected giving Bucks prejudice free attitude in the first Season.

Admiral Asimov is just about to welcome Admiral Zite to the Searcher for dinner when he is called to the Bridge. Ensign on station informs the Admiral of new Zykarian Battle Cruisers arriving off the Searchers right flank. The cruisers are all targeting the Searcher with Photon Cannons. Admiral Zite and Raka join Asimov and Lt. Devlin for dinner. Zite agrees that he will wait till the Ambassador fails to report at Oasis before he open fires on the Searcher. Raka sure has poisoned Zites mind with conspiracies of war and kidnapping. Underground landing pads and ransoms.

Odee-x wakes up, and takes off, laughing as he goes. Why did he sleep with Hawk? Safety? Warmth? It still just seems weird to me. Oh, and how come no one has mentioned that Hawk never returned to camp last night and is still missing this morning? Should they not be worried about that? Wilma and Duvoe happen across the heads of Duvoe's people...I mean...the heads of people killed by the Atavar. This must be the shrine Odee-x talked about. Speaking of Odee-x, Hawk is still hot on his trail. He finally catches up to him on the mountain. Hawk asks for his help but Odee-x refuses. Odee-x is low on power but it refueled my the magnetic storms. Ut-oh, time for another riddle
"To best Ezarhaaden, and seal his fate,
give him the point of your argument straight"
Hawk catches up with the rest of the team, and they make their way to the Cave of the Winds. It's a good thing to, seeing how they are trying to avoid the deadly Atavar. Wait...huh? Isn't the Cave of the Winds the Atavar lair? Doh! They enter the caves anyways and find a skeleton that is embedded in the rock. They assume the winds in the caves are so strong that they could blow someone into stone. The skeleton has a curious cut line along the skull and a white discoloration on the side where a clasp may have been...did the prop department take a medical skeleton display and use it for this scene? The Atavar follow them in the cave...

The escort team hits their first obstacle, an invisible wall. The pike, or spear, that Buck is caring goes right through this invisible wall, but for some reason, organic people cannot. This is the trap that isn't there. A wall that is in their imagination. All of their imaginations, simultaneously, and without knowing they were thinking about it. Ooo, Hawk see's a lever. Buck uses the spear to try to pull it. No luck. Goodfellow, realizes the first riddle told them that conscious thought would not allow them through the wall. So they need to have unconscious thoughts. Or rather, no thoughts. Goodfellow chooses Wilma as his guinea pig and hypnotizes her to be thought-less. He instructs her to walk through the wall and pull the lever. It worked! Thanks doctor for choosing the woman to put herself in danger to save the rest of them! Odee-x, however seems to be a little put off that his riddle wasn't obscure enough. So, he wants them to enter the cave, and make it out, but wants to make it more difficult for them? The team come across a bridge, and on the other side are poisonous snakes. Buck decides that he will cross the bridge first. Why not let Wilma go first? Dr. Goodfellow I am sure would agree to that suggestion.

Buck tried to cross the rope bridge while everyone throws words of caution at him. The rope begins to snap, and Buck looses his balance. Hawk grabs on and tryied to steady the bridge. Wilma makes an attempt to help, but Dr. Goodfellow holds her back. "No, my dear, stay here by me, you're just a woman". Buck manages to regain his composure on the bridge despite the hard winds in the caves. Once Buck manages to make it to the other side, a lightsaber, wielded by an invisible knight, comes out of the darkness and challenges Buck to the death. Hawk tosses Buck the spear for defense. A little fast forwarding action heightens the scene. Ezarhaaden pushes Buck back to the bridge and cuts the rope holding it up. Just then, Odee-x comes out from behind the rocks and taunts Ezarhaaden, distracting him long enough for Buck to pull himself to safety. Ezarhaaden fatally wounds Odee-x. Think guys, what is the meaning of the second riddle? Use the point of the spear! Yes, 'cause Buck would have used the dull end of the spear to try to kill Ezarhaaden if you have not given that advise. Oh, aim for the Heart! Sure, the heart of an invisible man. Thanks again guys! Well, Buck uses the spear as a spear and spears Ezarhaaden with it. Tada! Buck killed him.

The Zykarian ship docked with the Searcher moves off to give the Battle Cruisers a clear shot. Ensign Rollo indicates that the cruisers are only an 1/8 of a quad from them. Asimov informs Lt. Devlin that he wants to rig the Searcher to be a booby trap, that will destroy the Searcher itself, the four Zykarian ships and everything else in the quadrant. If you're going to go, go with a bang. Odee-x explains that Ezarhaaden has been his nemisis for years and needed a champion to defeat him. Buck was that champion. It all makes sense now, the foreboding warning to stay away from Ezarhaaden, the cryptic riddles confusing Buck, the desire to make his riddles more obscure... all for Buck's help in defeating Ezarhaaden. I mean, otherwise his riddles would have gone to waste, and made an unfair fight against Ezarhaaden. Thanks a lot Jerk! Odee-x throws the lightsaber into the water. Now, another riddle
"When Death is sure, no way out,
 an angry god puts death to rout"
Buck shares my sentiment. Just want to throw Odee-x in that pool of stuff for all his riddling. They all leave Odee-x behind, who despite all his assurances, I can only assume isn't fine, and dies from his wounds. 
"To save your lives, remember me,
and most of all, my riddle three"
Lt. Delvin brings in the relay detonator for their photon core. Once activating the Searcher will have the destructive power as an exploding star. Admiral Zite is prepared to give the order to open fire, as the deadline is only a couple of hours away now. With the Spires of Oasis in site, the escort Team are surrounded by the Atavar. They are not out the woods yet. The only way out is to remember Odee-x's third riddle. The one about an angry god. It's Return of the Jedi all over again when C3P0 posed as a deity and saved the Han Solo from the Ewoks. Duvoe pulls off his head and shows it to the Atavar, the worshipers of heads, and becomes their angry god. Now, Duvoes dirty little secrete is out for all to see. Duvoe warns the Atavar in English, but who is to say that all their grunting and moaning isn't their language? There is nothing to support the idea that the Atavar understand Duvoe's threats. Wilma looks heart broken. How could the love of her life be such a freak? She balls up in tears and cries on Buck's supportive shoulder. But it's not judgement in her eyes, just shock, right?

The Ambassador makes it to Oasis on time, and delivers a memorable speech, uniting the Zykarian's and Earth together in peace, plus the other nations in the system. "We must learn to know each other. Ignorance breeds suspicion. With communion comes knowledge and understanding." Something to take to heart there Buck and Wilma when thinking about Duvoe's symbiotic condition. Dovue goes back to his ship and Wilma and Buck see him off.

Character Facts learned in this episode:
Admiral Asimov: Commanded a squadron of seven ships off the tip if a quadrant when he was a Lt. that ended in a massive explosion, destroying everything in the quadrant
Ambassador Aram Duvoe: Never married in hopes that he would get together with Wilma Deering someday.
Zykarian's: A symbiosis race between body and head.
Ezarhaaden: is the Sword of death, guardian of the Atavars, wields the sword of hate.
O.D.X.: Powers are in his eyes.
References to the 20th Century that the 25th does't get
Favorite quotes
Easter Eggs:
Deaths: 2
Searcher's Mission: To find the lost tribes of Earth
Miniatures: (1) Searcher (1) Zykarian Ship (3) Zykarian Battle Cruisers

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Ep 203 Journey to Oasis, Part 1 January 22, 1981

Director: Daniel Haller
Writer(s): Robert & Esther Mitchell
Guest Star(s):
Ambassador Aram Duvoe .... Mark Lenard
Admiral Zite .... Len Birman
Lieutenant Devlin .... Paul Carr
Raka. .... Donn Whyte
Odee-x .... Felix Silla
Rolla .... Michael Stroka
Complete list of Cast and Crew:
Admiral Asimov, Wilma and Buck are all dressed in the Sunday best to visit the planet R-4. They are meeting up with a Zykarian envoy for a peace conference. Dr. Goodfellow manipulates Asimov into allowing him to join them on their visit to R-4. Due to Goodfellow's presence on the trip, Hawk was pulled off patrol to babysit him. Zykarian Ambassador Duvoe is escorted to the Bridge where he is introduced to Captain Rogers, who will command the escort team to R-4. Team consists of Colonel Deering, Hawk, and Captain Buck Rogers. Goodfellow is there strictly to observe and study the life on the planet.

All on board the shuttle, Buck radios that they have reached Reference point "A". Buck comments that he doesn't think that horned toads and sidewinders could make it on R-4's desert terrain. Oh NO! Overload! "It looks like Saint Elmo's fire but doesn't act like it". I guess that means Buck has experienced this phenomenon before for a point of reference. Dr. Goodfellow mumbles that he thinks it might be some magnetic storm. I think he is just throwing things out there as possibilities to sound like he knows what he is talking about, but really has no idea. I have to admit that Wilma, Goodfellow, Hawk and Duvoe don't seem really concerned about their situation. Only Buck is worried. I guess the director forgot to ask for more intensity from them. They crash in what is probably the best miniature crash FX shot this whole Season. The Ambassador seems rather upset with Buck that they crashed and feels like it's all Buck's fault. Typical political nonsense to always blame someone for their inconvenienced situation. Duvoe already feels like someone who is going to be more annoying then helpful. Like every show where a princess (or any spoiled person really) complains that they are not getting their 5 star treatment while they are fighting to survive in a dangerous land. Even the energy core in Buck's blaster is drained. The Ambassador is astonished that Buck and his escort team don't seem to have a contingency plan in case they crash. No emergency kit, so to speak, in the shuttle.
A spare tire, anything at really, that put some fore thought to "just in case". While annoying, I would have to agree with the ambassador on this one. I mean, even now we are all encouraged to have a emergency kit in the car, and stored food in the pantry for "just-in-case" situations. Unless, they are all too relaxed and take such accidents for granted because they just don't happen any more. Another example of man kind relying to heavily on electricity and are helpless without it. The crew are forced to abandon ship as it sinks below the earth. Crap, now they are screwed. Searcher cannot send help as the only ships left on board are Fighters. Any Fighter entering R-4's atmosphere will be seen as a act of war and shot down. They have to walk, much to Goodfellow's displeasure, to Oasis on foot.

The Zykarian's are beginning to wonder what happened to the shuttle caring the Ambassador. They know a magnetic cloud disrupted all communications and cannot be found on either their scanners or the Searcher's scanners. Intelligence adviser, Raka, suggests that perhaps the Searcher is using a Anti-scanning devise to block the Zykarian's attempt to locate the shuttle. Admiral Zite is shocked to even think that such an action would be even conceived by the Earthlings. Never the less, he wont discount the possibility of it being true. Back on the Searcher Crichton explains that charged particles of an unknown origin are the culprits in their attempt to communicate with Buck's shuttle. Which could be a direct result of a double star in the same quadrant.

Hawk finds some footprints made in the dirt. Just then, a annoying little laugh is heard echoing across the landscape. Dr. Goodfellow wants to find the creature who is laughing and thinks that if he laughs back the creature may show himself. He is a bit of a ridiculous old man isn't he? "Beware Ezarhaaden!" the laughing one warns. Buck asks Hawk to scout out the rocks in case he can find the laughing one. Wait, didn't Buck just explain that they didn't have time for scouting missions as a precautionary? Goodfellow tries to sneak off, but Hawk is keeping a close eye on him. Admiral Zite requests to discuss the situation of the missing shuttle with Admiral Asimov in two minutes in the airlock. Apparently that is the neutral area, between both ships, and not on either. Admiral Asimov and Lt. Devlin approach the airlock. On their way there, Asimov has his own suspicions that the Zykarian's might be responsible for the shuttle's disappearance, motivated by their desire to start a war. Well, it appears their meeting place ended up being in the flight hanger. Crichton is there and explains to Zite that the frequency and amplitude of ambient energy in the magnetic cloud burnt out every electrical circuit on the shuttle, communication devices and weapons included. Zite seems annoyed by the explanation. Despite Crichton's explanation, Admiral Zite threatens that if the Ambassador is not found, he will be forced to take action against the Searcher.

Dr. Goodfellow finds his opportunity and sneaks away from the group. Luckily for him, he finds some natives, the Atavar, that have been tracking our heroes. Goodfellow is surrounded and falls into a trap. The Atavar lift a huge stone and place it over Goodfellow's hole. He's fortunate that they used the stone to hide and keep Goodfellow as opposed to crushing and killing him. Buck, Wilma, Hawk, and Duvoe cannot lift the rock that only took two Atavar to lift and move. Now, the Laughing-One is laughing at them again. Hawk wants to kill the little creep for his annoying laugh. You can see it in his determination to locate him. Locate him he does! Hawk finds it hilarious that the Laughing-One is so small. He picks him up like a child and tucks him under his arm. Nothing like emasculating a 400+ year old creature with magical powers. Odee-x's mask is a little too ridged and Felix Silva is having a hard time making the mouth move when he talks. With the wave of his hands and the blue light from his eyes Odee-x lifts the rock that imprisoned Goodfellow and releases him. Odee-x assures the Ambassador that they are indeed on the quickest route to Oasis, but quicksand will hinder their journey. Odee-x then gives the Team a little riddle. Nothing like a little blue man speaking in riddles to make his character more ominous and interesting.
"To reach the pawl that frees the lock,
conscious thought avails you not"
Buck, not wanting to play this little game of riddles, wants Odee-x to just tell him how to get to the Cave of the Winds. Leave all this riddle stuff to the movies. Just like that, Odee-x escapes. Buck leads the team to the Cave of the Winds, the home of the Atavar. A dangerous race. Wait, didn't Odee-x before warn them about Ezarhaaden, and now he is telling them that they have to go find him?
Admiral Zite calls for a Battle Cruiser to aid them in their search for the Ambassador and perhaps their fight against the Searcher. Raka hands Zite sealed orders that he was instructed not to give to Zite unless he felt if necessary. The orders indicate that if the Ambassador does not reach Oasis at the appointed time, Admiral Zite is ordered to destroy the Searcher and launch an immediate attack on Earth. Now these are orders were put into motion long before the Zykarian ship docked with Searcher. Would't this support Asimov's suspicions that the Zykarian's were likely to sabotage the shuttle in hopes to start a war? Admiral Asimov see's the Zykarian Battle Cruiser enter orbit and orders a VIP dinner with him and Admiral Zite. 

To be Continued...

Character Facts learned in this episode:
Wilma Deering: Seven Years ago, she was a Junior Lieutenant attached to the Consul's office. Went on a "date" with Duvoe to the Grand Ball. Was hopelessly infatuated with Duvoe
Zykarians: Human in appearance, but very secretive. Poised to wage war unless Duvoe makes it to the conference in Oasis.
Ambassador Aram Duvoe: A Zykarian. Has removable head. Met Wilma at a planetary conference seven years ago. Fell in love with Wilma Deering.
O.D.X., the Invincible: Ocular Dynamics Experiment was the first shipment sent to R-4 from Saturn. Has lived on R-4 for about 400 years.
Atavars: Masters of Ezarhaaden. Hunter/killers. Chop the heads off of their kill and place it on top of poles for religious worship. Home is in the Cave of the Winds
Ezarhaaden: Guardian of the Atavar lair
References to the 20th Century that the 25th does't get
Favorite quotes
Insults to Crichton: skillet head, Irritating, kettle belly, dimwit
Insults from Crichton:
Easter Eggs:
Deaths: 0
Searcher's Mission: To find the lost tribes of Earth
Miniatures: (1) Searcher (1) Colonial Shuttle (1) Zykarian ship (1) Zykarian Battle Cruiser