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Terra (aka Earth)
Home of the Terrans (Homo-sapiens). Terran capital is New Chicago, home of the Earth Directorate. New Chicago is powered by a Contra-Terrene (or antimatter) generating plant located in the wasteland, just outside the city. In the first quadrant. Went through a holocaust destroying most everything.

Is an agricultural planet, just beyond Stargate 5, in the Epsilon Ludi system. Most of the vegetables on Earth is grown there, along with various other proteins. The barren portion of the Planet is called the Sea of Stone where nothing can grow.

Delta Solar System
There are twelve orbiting cities around the planet. Each one controlled by a different leader. Sinaloa, is one of these twelve cities.

 Aldebaran II
No law enforcement, or Stellar Authorities of any kind. Has spaceport and Hotel. Capital City is Barony. General Service has a complete line of food discs and soy supplements

Zeta Minor
Has at least three moons, one of which contains the Zetan Prison. It is a Sovereign and independent planet.

Settled by Ruathans, who claimed ownership of the Madreans. Madrea produces the mineral Barbarite, that Earth uses to power its generators

Located through Stargate 20, in the Tauran (Taurus) system. Invaded by the Ruathian's two years ago. The Zantian's where able to beat them back, but at the sacrifice of loosing most of their men. Planet rich with Barbarite.

A Sovereign Planet
Has shunned diplomatic relations with Earth for years, so there is no treaty with the Genesian Government. President replaced the gladiatorial games with tennis.

Sutter's World
On the other side of Stargate 1, in the Vega system. Renowned for its fair climate, their color indigents and remarkable hospitality.

Asteroid Toros
Located in the Third Quadrant. Blazium Mining facility headed by Kurt Belzak.

2492 Interpanetary Olympic Games held here

Independent colonies not attached to the Earth Directorate. Under attack by the Koven, being supplied by the Federation

Located in the 13th quadrant. Home of the Katarian's. Being oppressed by The Trebor

Inhabited by a species that exist as pure electrical energy

In an different universe. Pendarans are a life loving species, incapable of killing anything. Eons ago (1,000 years), Pendar was invaded by aliens and nearly destroyed. The aliens were eventually defeated and placed in the life field that surrounds the planet. Their scientists created the life field as an alternative to killing the aliens. Pandarans are Light creatures but can take the form of 'homo-sapiens'.

Zaad is roughly around 225 million kilometers from Pendar (the distance between Earth and Mars). Ruled by Zarina, the War Witch who Ravished all inhabitable planets in it's system.

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Season 1 Cast and Crew

Universal and MCA Company
Buck Rogers Characters .... Leisure Concepts, Inc. & Robert C. Dille

Casting .... Robert O. Edmiston, Phil Benjamin, Simon Ayer

Captain William "Buck" Anthony Rogers .... Gil Gerard
Colonel Wilma Deering .... Erin Gray
Doctor Elias Huer .... Tim O'Connor
Twiki .... Felix Silla
Twiki (voice) .... Mel Blanc
Narrator .... William Conrad
Doctor Theopolis (Voice) .... Eric Server
Additional Voices .... Howard F. Flynn, John Rayner, Guerin Barry

Choreographer .... Miriam Nelson, Jerry Nista
Stunt Coordinators .... Tony Brukaker & Fred Waugh
Stuntmen .... R.L. Tolbert, Ken Endoso, Kim Kahana, Gene Hartland, Phil Chong, Peter Horak, Greg Barnett, Norman Blankenship, Marvin Walters, Bobby Clark, Erik Cord, Mike Cassidy, John L. Larson, Tom Lupo, Bill Hank Hooker, Glenn R. Wilder, Thomas Huff, Mickey Gilbert, Alan Oliney, Michael M. Vendrell, & Don Fox Greene

1st Assistant Directors .... Phil Bowles, Jerry Sobul, Bob Bender, Jerram Swartz, Frank Crawford, Alan Crosland, Gerald T. Olson
2nd Assistant Directors .... Robert Villar, Judith Vogelsang, Gerald T. Olson, Ken Collins, David Kahler

Script Supervisors .... Diana Loomis & Joyce Heftel
Story Consultant ..... Anne Collins

Supervising Producer .... Leslie Stevens, Bruce Lansbury
Producer .... Richard Caffey, John Gaynor, David J. O'Connell
Executive Producer .... Glen A. Larson
Associate Producer .... Andrew Mirisch & David G. Phinney, Medora Heilbron, Glen A. Larson Productions, Tim King

Unit Production Managers .... Jack P. Cunninghm, Edward D. Markley, Harker Wade, Charles E. Walker
Production Assistants .... Deborah Armstrong, Percy Angress, Bob Baily, Tim McHugh, George Pryor
Production Coordinator .... Peter Anderson

Sound .... Andrew Gilmore, John R. Carter, Clyde Soresen, Earl N. Crain Jr., William Tremellen
Sound Recording .... Robert L. Hoyt
Dialogue Editor .... William J. Mauch
Sound effects Editor .... Peter Berkos, Dick R. Wahrman

Music Composed and Conducted .... Stu Phillips
Music Editor .... David Kahn, Robert C. Woods (aka Herbert D. Woods?)
Music Score .... Johnny Harris, Les Baxter, Richard LaSalle, Michael Melvoin, J.J. Johnson, Richard Markowitz, Robert Prince, Herbert Woods, John Cacavas
Theme Song From Buck Rogers .... Suspension
Theme Song .... Glen A. Larson
Sung by .... Kipp Lennon

Director of Photography .... Frank P. Beascoechea, Ben Colman, Frank Thackery
Additional Photography .... Leonard J. South
Special Effects Photography .... Peter Gibbons-Fly, Alex Funke, & Keith White

Film Editors .... John J. Dumas, Bill Martin, David Howe, Leon Ortiz-Gil, Michael Berman, George R. Potter, Howard B. Anderson, Roderic G. Stephens
Assistant Film Editors .... Bill Luciano & Steve Kemper
Editorial Assistants .... David Hill, Dennis Kelly, Cory McCrum & Maureen O'Connell
Story Editor ..... Alan Brennert, Anne Collins, Robert W. Gilmer

Camera Operators .... Eddie Reo & Pat Fennel
Assistant Cameramen .... Tony & Chris Nibley
Camera .... Ray Monahan, John Moulds, David Robman, Charles Shuman, & David Stypes
Special Camera Equipment .... Richard Bennett

Set Department:
Set Decorations .... Rich Reams, Victor Hugo, Frank Lombardo, Joanne C. MacDougall
Key Grip .... Patrick Murphy & Steve Clark
Key Gaffer .... James Kibbee
Gaffer .... Jack Todd

Prop Department:
Property Masters .... Joe Kuri & Jay Miller

Art Department:
Art Director .... Paul Peters, Fred Luff, Bill Camden, Hub Branden, William Taliaferro
Assistant Art Director .... Frank Richwood
Matte Artist .... Syd Dutton
Effects Illustration & Design Supervisor .... David Jones
Effects Illustration & Design .... Fred Hope, Dan Goozee, Richard Lasley, Jeana Holman, & Wendy Vanguard

Visual Concepts, Effects and Miniatures .... David M. Garber & Wayne Smith
Miniature & Optical Effects .... Universal Hartland
Chief Model Maker .... Bryson Peter Gerad
Model Builders .... Jerry Allen, Leonie Aruta, Robert Bloomfield, Sean Casey Michael Joyce, Philippe Lantz, & Richard Smiley

Visual Effects:
Additional Visual Effects .... Cubic Corporation, Ramtek Corporation
Special Effects .... Bud Ewing & Jack Faggard
Optical Effects & Titles .... Universal Titles
Title Design .... Wayne Fitzgerald & David Oliver
Optical Supervisor .... Robert Hall
Opticals .... Paul Bolger, Phillip Bills, Willaim Brier, James Burton, Jim Catania, Charles Cowles, Frederick Lagenbach, Ronald Longo, Masaaki Norhiro, Eldon Rickman, Richard Ripple, William O'Sullivan, & Robert Wilson
Special Electronics .... Ray Morgan Elam & George Brennan
Computer Graphics .... Colin Cantwell
Animation and Rotoscope Design .... Harry More Au
Animators .... Angela Diamos, Sherry Epperson, & Maxwell Morgan

Wardrobe, Costume Department:
Costume Designer ... Jean-Pierre Dorleac, Sal Anthony, Al Lehman
Gil Gerad's Cosume Supervisor .... Barry Downing
Costume Supervisors .... Pan Wise & Gene Ostler
Make-up .... Brenda Todd, Jack Stone, & Bari Dreiband
Hair Stylist .... Patricia Budz

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I grew up in the 80's, so Buck Rogers is before my time, but my older brothers grew up with it. I have never seen the show before now, and I have to admit that I am thoroughly enjoying the series. The Second Season does have a very different feel to the show that doesn't match the First Season due to a complete overhaul. In this blog I hope to watch each episode in order and break down all the details, errors, inconsistencies, ships, weapons, characters, etc., and include as many articles and merchandise to give an in-depth look at the show. I have no interest in giving a synapse of each episode as I have always found that to be rather annoying, but if that is what you would like, I am sure it can be found elsewhere on the Web. However, I find that I have to give some info about what is happening in the scene so things make sense. I will update posts as more information comes to light.

With that said, the first thing I am going to do is purchase the Complete Series box set from Amazon on DVD.