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Ep 124 Flight of the War Witch, Part 2 March 27, 1980

Director: Larry Stewart
Writer(s): David Chomsky, Robert W. Gilmer, William Mageean
Guest Star(s):
Princess Ardala .... Pamela Hensley
Chandar .... Kelley Miles
Kodus .... Donald Petrie
Spirot .... Sid Haig
Kane .... Michael Ansara
Zarina .... Julie Newmar
Pantherman .... Tony Carroll
Agent Goneril .... Brent Davis
1st Counsel Member .... Larry Ward
1st Security Guard .... Gary Adler
Draconian Soldier .... Don Maxwell
Special Guest Star(s):
Tora .... Vera Miles
Keeper (Council Leader) .... Sam Jaffe
Complete list of cast and crew:
The Zaad ground forces (the four armed men from the two Sharks) entered the Pendaran capitol and vaporize three bystanders. A real robot rolls into Buck's room and requests his presence in the Grand Council Chamber. Apparently, Princess Ardala, Kane, Wilma, and Dr. Huer arrived safely and are waiting for him there. Turns out that the Draconian's also refused to help fight their war. Did I call it or what? The Keeper assures both the Directorate and the Draconian's that he anticipated them both refusing to help fight the war witch. So, he does have a Plan "C"...uh...what is it? Oh, they are blackmailing them. The council wont help them return to their universe unless they agree to fight the Zaads. That throws Dr. Huer's synaptic point modification to Twiki idea out the window. Well, with no other alternative, Buck and Huer agree to help Pendar. Now, Buck has to convince the princess to help with her ship. Sometimes I get the impression that Wilma enjoys Buck being a playboy. The Draconian's, now no longer desiring being in a new universe, decide to head home. Buck docks with the Draconia for that drink the princess offered him earlier. Ardala, unable to resist a gorgeous man, little lone Buck Rogers, agrees to stay in the universe a little longer.

Zarina still has Kodus restrained on board her ship. Zarina appears to be a lonely woman, as she suggests that Kodus remain with her after she destroyed Pendar. Perhaps she is into Light Creatures. Hey, wait...why doesn't Kodus dematerialize to his natural form and escape? Well Kodus refuses the witches advances, much to her disappointment. Buck hurry's to Princess Ardala's room. Buck asks for Ardala's help, and the princess cannot help but seem to take advantage of the Captain. One might think that the princess would only agree to help Rogers if he agrees to sleep with her. Will he do it?

The Zaad troops make it to the computer vault with no further resistance. "Unauthorized entry in computer vault, Section 3002. Repeat: Unauthorized penetration in Section 3002". They are in the section governing the defense shield. Alerted, Chandar shows Buck and Wilma to the vault. Upon arrival, blasters are a blazon. The one trooper in the Vault takes cover, despite that he is perfectly safe inside. I guess he no longer needs to finish what he was doing, and lay in wait for someone to come in. Good thing too, 'cause Buck walks right into his trap. Buck kicks the guy out of the Vault just as the explosives on the computer go off. The trooper disappeared somehow in the explosion.

Back in the Grand Council Chamber, all are in attendance to discuss the attack plan. Ardala plans on having a little woman to woman chat. She feels a certain kinship with Zarina, since they are so obviously similar. Buck is not so convinced that she will discuss the important issues. "...I wasn't thinking of discussing sunsets over Sinod, Captain!" You tell him Ardala! They need to make plans to get on board the Zaad cruiser. There is a supply ship that makes deliveries to the cruiser that is run entirely by drones. That is how Buck will get on the ship undetected. Ardala is a bit upset that they didn't go with her plan. She vents to Kane. Poor guy. Wilma drops Buck off on the Supply shuttle, that soon docks with the Zaad Battle Cruiser. He is immediately taken into custody once he exists the shuttle. The life size set prop of the shuttle is the Battlestar Galactica Colonial Shuttle.
I think this is the third time they have used this shuttle prop on the show. Buck is brought before Zarina. It appears that Ardala arrived right before Buck and told Zarina of his presence on board the shuttle. It seems that Ardala is trying to go with her plan anyways. Zarina is more like Ardala then she anticipated. She loves men just as much. Instead of talking Woman to Woman as Ardala suggested, Zarina wants to talk Woman to Man. Que porn music now. But before that happens, both Ardala and Buck are taken to a small apartment where they are locked in. Good thing to, as later the guards throw Kodus in the same cell with Buck.

Well, Ardala gets her Woman to Woman talk with Zarina after all. Ardala proposes that she will help Zarina destroy the Pendaran's in exchange for Buck Rogers and clairvoyance back through the Vortex to her Universe. Zarina calls Ardala out. Zarina isn't impressed with Ardala's proposition or her childish attitude. Zarina is a woman, who earned her position, while Ardala is a spoiled child who was given her title. However, if the roles where reversed, I think Ardala would treat Zarian the same way. With her ego deflated, Ardala is taken back to her cell, where Buck and Kodus await. She cry's in Buck's arms.

Now Buck is taken in to see Zarina. I can only imagine this will involve a lot of flirtatious looks and innuendos. She does straight out say that Buck is an attractive man, and she would make him great and powerful too if he agrees to stay with her. Buck naturally resists powerful and aggressive women, and declines her offer. Twiki and Dr. Theopolis are in the computer vault trying to repair the defense shield computer that was destroyed in the bombing earlier. The little robot provided by the Pendaran's indicates that the main computer is composed of modular synaptic antigens. Does that mean it should repair itself?

On board the Draconia, Kane orders Hatchet squadrons Alpha and Gamma to be deployed and stationed at coordinates 55-Zeta-4. Delta squadron will join them at 1100 hours (11:00am). Draconian Solder informs commander Kane that the pulsar cannons wont be aligned for another 15 minutes. Kane is not pleased. He wants the ships in position in 7 minutes. Kane demands why Captain Sven and his squad hasn't left yet. They are 45 seconds behind! Wilma, slowly backs away from Kane, and returns to Pendar. Spirot informs Zarina that the fighters are ready for attack. Zarina orders that they will being at 1350 (1:50pm), one hour from now.

Four guards enter the prison cell to bring Kodus to Zarina. Buck and Kodus are hiding in the rafters and Ardala is under the bed. Both Buck and Kodus take out the four guards, while Ardala stays out of the way. I mean she does help a little, like tripping the guards, but all and all, fighting is men's work. Once the guards are unconscious, Buck instructs Ardala to take the cloths off the men. She seems all to pleased to comply. Nothing like striping four unconscious men to make a princess's day.
Course Buck wants to wear their uniforms so they can escape without attracting too much attention. Well, they are stopped by some dolts that ask for their identification. Buck tells them that they are Zarina's personal guard. I would think that most every guard on the Battle Cruiser would be familiar with who Zarina's personal guard is, so this probably wasn't the best lie. The Zaad solider then asks who Ardala is. Never mind that Buck and Kodus are escorting her by gun point, Kodus has to spell out that she is a prisoner being taken to the 5th floor, to Zarina herself. Why does this goober think that stalling Zarina's personal guard who are transporting a prisoner to Zarina herself is a good idea? Oh well, writers have to add a little suspense to the scene. Make us think that they may be caught. Spirot informs Zarina that the prisoners have escaped with Kodus. Uh, isn't Kodus a prisoner too? So, isn't saying the prisoners escaped with Kodus a bit redundant? Was it a possibility that the prisoners would have escaped and left Kodus behind? Zarina order's that all available crew to stop them. I always find this statement kind of funny. The key word is "available". What if all the crew where busy? "Oh, Zarina ordered only the crew currently with some down time, well I'm working on my synaptic points, I cannot help". Sorry Zarina, only the Janitor was available, and he wasn't much help in the end in stopping the prisoners. Maybe if you ordered all crew to stop what they were doing and focus on the escaping prisoners, things may have been different. The prisoners make it to the flight bay, which looks just like the Gaan Hanger where Buck fought the Trebor in Buck's Duel to the Death.

Kodus and Ardala crawl to the princess's shuttle as to not be hit by any blaster fire. Kodus has the best view ever, crawling behind Ardala. Little does Buck know, but a Zaad guard is sneaking up behind him. No, wait! Buck whips around and takes him out. Buck is too awesome to be taken unawares. Buck hops into Ardala's shuttle, and they all escape. When Zarina hears about this failure from her guards, she orders all those responsible to be but to death. Spirot is way a head of her. Zarina orders a full attack on Pendar.

Kodus and company make it back to Pendar safely.
Kodus and Chandar head to the computer vault to assist Twiki and Theopolis in the repairs to the defense shield. 1st Counsel Member indicates that 72,000 soldiers are on board the cruiser. There is no other equal to it in the system. Tora announces that the Battle Cruiser will reach the Defense Shield at 1340 (1:40pm), 10 minutes ahead of Zarina's original schedule. Buck plans to keep Zarina busy until shield is repaired. At which time they will lure the Battle Cruiser into the shield area, where the Council will then activate it. They hope that the electrostatic radiation will then destroy the cruiser, killing everyone on board. Something that will require split second timing and a lot of luck. Let's do it! So, Wilma, Buck, Weinwright and Daniels are the only Starfighters that are going up against 20 or so Shark fighters, and being joined with 20 or so Hatchet Fighters.

Call signs go out. Zaad 1 is Zarina's Battle Cruiser. Eric 30 is approaching initial attack mode on schedule with no response yet from Pendar. Zarnia speeds up to quarter speed. Ardala asks to be connected to the Draconia. Kane is addressing his squadrons, giving them words of encouragement as they prepare for battle. Ardala interrupts him and totally emasculates him in front of the entire Draconian army. Hatchet Fighters away. Earth Leader 1314 (Buck) calls Apple-4 (Wilma) and indicates that they will reach this side of the defense shield at approximately 1650.26 (did we just skip two hours?). Huh? Are they not already on this side of the defense shield? The four Starfighters are joined with squadrons of Hatchet Fighters. Buck gives his infamous thumbs up to Hatchet Leader, who returns the gesture. Course if Buck game him the middle finger, I don't think that the Hatchet pilot would know the difference.

In the Computer Vault, Twiki tests Circuit 8401. It isn't want they are looking for. Kodus tests Circuit 15133. Twiki indicates that he is "bushed". I didn't know ambuquads got tired. Only one damaged circuit to go, and then they can close the shield. Unfortunately, they cannot find it yet. Shark Fighters are inside the shield. Starfighter 1267 informs Buck of an approaching Shark at 2:00. 3462 approaches on Vector 4, Sikto 92. The battle begins. Phew, phew. Boom! Fighter 1123 calls 54 to alert him that the enemy is in range. Thank you captain obvious! Buck plans to intercept Zarina's battle Cruiser to delay her approach. He informs Kodus that his ships digital readout is 1333.50 (uh 1:33pm?). Just seven minutes (and a distance of four trisecs) before the Cruiser makes it to the shield. Kodus confirms that he has the same time. All stations on the Zaad 1 open fire on Buck. Buck radios Zarina. Zarina orders Spirot to increase another half speed, and to mount the Megacannon, a weapon capable of destroying cities. Spirot thinks it is a bit overkill. Or perhaps he feels that the cannon cannot target something so small and agile?

Twiki finally locates the last damaged circuit. Wilma takes out the last Shark Fighter. Megacannon is primed and loaded. Zarina pursues Buck's Starfighter into the shield area. Back makes it through the shield just before the Megacannon's missile finds him and is detonated on the surface. Zaad 1 is approaching the shield too fast to maneuver out of the way in time and is destroyed. Time for celebration. Wilma and Huer are dressed in their best, and...wait, what? Where did they get an extra pair of cloths? Buck and Ardala flirt with each other. Buck finally seems to want Ardala for something a little more than just friendship, and the Keeper gives everyone his thanks. They all pack up and head home. Back in their own universe, Buck contacts Chicago Control and requests Landing mode. Chicago Control grants request and directs that they approach on Vector 4, Channel Locks J & K. Somehow four Starfighters multiplies to six fighters. They are technically one too many. There should be a Starfighter for Buck & Twiki, Wilma, Dr. Huer, Weinwright and Daniels. Where did the sixth come from? Glad to to be home, Buck cannot help but smile.

Character Facts learned in this episode
Zarina: Earned her position, it wasn't given to her.
References to the 20th Century that the 25th does't get
Favorite quotes: "Why don't you make like a fuse and blow?" - Twiki "Convey my best to the squadrons, and launch them into space immediately. I don't want them to be late for the war" - Ardala "You can see any side of me you like, any time, day or night" - Ardala. 
Princess Ardala Costumes: 5
Easter Eggs:
Deathsapproximately 72,013
Miniatures: (6) Starfighter (1) The Draconia (1) Princess Shuttle (1) Zaad Battle Cruiser (20) Sharks (1) Supply Ship (1) Lower Launch Bay (20) Hatchet Fighters

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Ep 123 Flight of the War Witch, Part 1 March 27, 1980

Director: Larry Stewart
Writer(s): David Chomsky, Robert W. Gilmer, William Mageean
Guest Star(s):
Princess Ardala .... Pamela Hensley
Chandar .... Kelley Miles
Kodus .... Donald Petrie
Spirot .... Sid Haig
Kane .... Michael Ansara
Zarina .... Julie Newmar
Pantherman .... Tony Carroll
Agent Goneril .... Bent Davis
1st Counsel Member .... Larry Ward
1st Security Guard .... Gary Adler
Draconian Soldier .... Don Maxwell
Elana .... ?
Special Guest Star(s):
Tora .... Vera Miles
Keeper (Council Leader) .... Sam Jaffe
Complete list of cast and crew:
Elana and Buck are flying home from their vacation in the country. Elana sees a giant sphere on the ground (I thought they were in space, how did they see this sphere?) and decide to take a closer look. Buck contacts New Chicago Control to get a hold of the Directorate. They are 20 minutes southwest of New Chicago where they see a large gold ball in the middle of the desert. I am pretty sure that it is a silver or gray ball, not gold. Dr. Huer suspects that it may be some kind of Draconian trick as the Directorate has been having a lot of trouble with them recently. An intercity shuttle also reported the sphere but it is undetectable on all sensors. Buck, Wilma, Huer, Twiki and a couple of technicians drive out to the sphere to investigate. Wilma says that a pilot reported it being saucer shaped. Buck wants to call it a U.F.O.
Not only is it not saucer shaped, but anything flying from space is no longer viewed as a unidentified flying object, but a space craft. Wilma reassures the audience that it might have once been saucer shaped but it is no longer. But we know better. It was always a sphere. A smaller gold ball comes out of the larger, now gold, sphere for Buck Rogers. Once they have the ball, they head back to the labs. Using a vibrosonic table (an instrument that separates molecules of matter at their natural interface), or like some sonic diamond cutter, they hope to open the ball. At precisely the right tone the orb should separate. And it does. Using a micro-magnifier Dr. Huer examines the microchip that was hidden inside the gold ball. It contains Cryptographs in English (the universal language), combined with binary patterning (or codes). Dr. Huer calls them "patternings" which isn't a real word doc. Only Code-5 Technicians are allowed in the lab to analyse the chip. Apparently it contains a secrete of the utmost importance to the Terrans. No, not really, it's just a GPS chip.

Kane brings in his spy, Gontril, to inform the princes about the gold sphere. So, Dr. Huer was wrong in assuming that the sphere was from the Draconian's. Princess Ardala is getting her typical massage when she heard the news. Ardala orders Kane to violate their truce with the Terrans and steal the orb. Dr. Theopolis has discovered the code on the chip. It is a road map through a Vortex to travel to another universe. Proving the Vortex Theory to be scientific fact instead of just theory. Also in the chip was the word "PENDAR", the name of the planet.

On Pendar, in the counsel chamber (computer vault?), Tora tells the Keeper that the harbinger completed its mission and returned. Now we have a name for the gold sphere, the Harbinger. Tora informs the Keeper that they had chosen Terra for its military capabilities, and the Draconian's for it's malevolence. So, what did they send to the Draconian's? Nothing, that's right. They planned on the Draconian's to learn about the sphere and to steal the small orb and discover the GPS chip all on their own. That's some pretty good foresight. Next the Keeper wants a report on the Zaad's battle cruiser. It now lies 3,600 fetics down side Pendar. The cruiser continues to launch attacks against their defense shield. They recently abducted Kodus, one of Pendar's scientists. Each day, at a certain hour, Kodus is moved from the second to the fifth level to Zarina's quarters where he is tortured. The Keeper is concerned about Kodus's auric energy reading being so low that he wont be able to resist the pain for much longer and provide the Zaads with the codes to the defense shield.
On board the Zaad Battle Cruiser, Zarina, and Spirot have Kodus restrained. Spirot tortures him before he passes out. Buck goes into the labortory before going to bed to look at the word PENDAR again. Gontril and another spy take out the to guards to the lab in order to steal the orb. Buck is able to take out Gontril's assistant, but gets knocked out. Gontril makes off with the orb. The Draconian spy is in custody when Wilma shows up on the scene. Dr. Huer isn't too concerned about the theft as Ardala will still have to decrypt the chip. Huer is having a guidance chip installed on a Starfighter that contains the info from the stolen orb. The Starfighter will be piloted by a B2-500 drone. However, Buck volunteers to take the drones place, Huer agrees to the plan. This I am sure is a good way for the art department not to have to design and create a B2-500 drone. Mention it, but don't use it.

With the orb in hand, Ardala thinks it looks like a Regulian plover's egg. Something her chef made her once and was executed for it, as it upset her stomach. Dr. Huer calls Ardala on the vid-phone and lodges a formal protest about the Draconia's constant truce provision violations. For example, the attacks on their interplanetary shipping. Am I the only one who feels Dr. Huer's choice of words seems more confusing then anything? Couldn't he have said something more like "I am going to file a formal complaint" or "...submit a formal grievance"? I know that the sentence is right by definition, but it just sounds wrong. Dr. Heur and Wilma make plans to board the Draconia along with Major Daniels and Lt. Wainwright once Buck is on his way through the vortex.

Dr. Huer walks into Buck's room to catch him making out with Elana[?]. I cannot tell if this is the same chic from the beginning of the episode, or if he has another woman already. Well, she gives him a goodbye kiss and Dr. Huer explains that he has tinkered with Twiki's synaptic points so that he would return to Earth automatically if something happened to Buck. Uh, if Buck is killed or destroyed (like the Starfighter explodes), how could Twiki return to Earth, especially if he was with Buck at the time? Why wouldn't Twiki return to Earth anyways if something went wrong? Dr. Huer feels that this is the most dangerous mission he has ever assigned to anyone, so naturally, he is concerned for Buck's safety. I hardly believe that is true. If you watched the show, Buck has been on much more dangerous missions, as well as some villains who resurfaced and wanting revenge on Dr. Huer for the dangerous mission they where on.
Missions where someone could be killed is a risk everyone who's flown a Starfighter has undertaken. Truth is, Huer is just concerned that Buck wont come back because he has become like family to him. Wilma on the other hand breaks down in tears fearing Buck wont return. She tells him that he makes her feel like a real woman. This scene shows the strong feelings the two have for each other. A real love relationship between Buck and Wilma. I would expect them to commit and settle down together someday. Unfortunately, Buck seems to enjoys his casual relationships too much to settle down with one woman. Wilma, patiently just waits for Buck to get it out of his system. When he's ready to commit, she will be there.

Buck heads out to the 18th quadrant at a fraction under light speed. Buck gives the Directorate love and kisses for his last check-in before he enters the vortex. Buck keeps talking, describing his experience as he travels through the Vortex. The special effects is very reminiscent of 2001:A Space Odyssey. All manual controls are down. Buck is relying solely on the pre-programmed chip in the Starfighter's navigation. He is on autopilot. Princess Ardala is also listening in on Buck's radio transmission as he enters the Vortex. Ardala tells Kane that she wants one of those computer discs to send the Draconia through the Vortex. Kane informs her that their technicians are already working on it. "Oh" is her response. Love it. Way to stick it to her Kane!

Chandar and her mother, Tora, are tracking Buck's entrance through the Vortex with their perimeter sensors. Tora assures her daughter that the Observers say that Buck is very special and will be able to help them with their war witch issue. So, Buck just thinks he was invited to Pendar just say "hi". Not fight a war. What would Pendar have done if the Directorate sent the B2-500 drone like originally planned? Screwed! that's where. Buck makes it through the planets defense shield and tractor beamed down to the planet. Dr. Heur and Wilma enter Ardala's command center and demand the orb be returned to them. "You're not in any position to demand anything" but she plans to give it back anyways since she is done with it. To pretend to keep the treaty she could have simply said, Sorry, here you go, since she planned on giving it back anyways. But because of Ardala's non-cooperative attitude, Huer dissolves the treaty between the Draconian's and Terra. They are at war with each other once again. Well, nothing like declaring war against someone while on their ship. Can you say "instant prisoner of war"? Ardala takes Huer and Wilma with them through the Vortex.

Chandar materializes to greet Buck and Twiki. She brings him in to the Counsel and the Keeper. The Keeper asks for Buck's help to fight their war against the Zaad. The Keeper informs Buck that they have the ultimate weapon that can atomize the Planet Zaad, however Pendar's gravitational balance would be destroyed in the process, so they cannot use it. Why did he bother mentioning it like it was an option that would be considered then? Their second weapon is not really a weapon, but defensive. An energy field that surrounds the planet. If Buck refuses to help, they will ask the Draconian's for help as a Plan "B". What is Plan "C" if the Draconian's don't help (which is likely)? Just then, their computer sounds the alarm. Zaad fighters are attacking the energy perimeter at Sectors S-2, N-1, & N-2. The computer's automated response activates the supplemental beta radiation. Zaad Shark fighters fire at Pendar's force shield with zero success. The computer stabilizes the Electron configuration at 22.5 megakilons. Delta Alert is terminated as the Sharks retreat. Oops, spoke too soon. Two Sharks made it through the shield. Ground troops are on their way to the capitol.

To be continued...

Character Facts learned in this episode
Dr. Huer: Before his days in the Directorate, he volunteered to test the then new Stargates. He was the first person to go through one.
Vortex theory: The hypothetical passage from one universe to another (a Black hole of sorts).
Agent Gontril: a Draconian spy at the Directorate Headquarters.
Tigerman: Was reassigned to one of Ardala's sisters.
Zarina: The Ruler of the planet Zaad. Labeled the war witch by Pendar
Kodus: One of Pendar's most brilliant scientist. Created the program that activates the defense shield. Two months ago, while returning from Argon, the Zaad intercepted his shuttle and kidnapped him. Was to be married at the Festival of Life to Chandar.
Chandar: Daughter of Counsel member Tora. Engaged to be married to Kodus.
Keeper: the sole physical link between the master computer (located in the computer vault) and the Pendaran Council
Spirot: A transmute. Can disrupt the cellular composition of the body.
Princess Ardala Costumes: 1
Deaths: 0
Miniatures: (4) Starfighter (1) Thunderfighter (1) Earth Shuttle 2293 (1) The Draconia (1) Zaad Battle Cruiser (1) Launch Tube (3) Sharks

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Ep 122 Buck's Dual to the Death, March 20, 1980

Director: Bob Bender
Writer(s): Robert W. Gilmer
Guest Star(s):
The Trebor .... William Smith
Prime Minister Darius .... Keith Andes
Vione .... Elizabeth Stack
Maya .... Hedi Bohay
Deputy Minister Neil .... Edward Power
Deputy Minister Kelan .... Fred Sadoff
Dr. Albert .... Robert Lussier
Greta .... Stephanie Blackmore
Karem .... Francisco Lagueruela
Young Officer .... Douglas R. Bruce
Maya and Vione chatting in there room when Karem comes in with two henchmen. The Trebor wants Maya for his harem and and they are there to take her for him. Vione goes to her father for help. Neil suggests that they get someone who is greater than The Trebor, the Roshon! Buck Rogers just happens to match the description of the Roshon and suggests bringing him to their planet, Katar, to help. Deputy Minister Kelan is against this plan. Neil heads off to Earth for Buck. Wilma and Buck are on their way back to the Hanger when Neil's ship comes into view, being perused by four Scorpion fighters. Wilma informs the fighters that they are violating Tarran airspace and to cease fire. Undeterred, the pirates continue their attack.
Wilma and Buck are forced to engage and destroy the ships, then escort Deputy Minister Neil of Katar to New Chicago. Neil asks if Buck and Wilma would like to be his guests on Katar in their city Gaan. Wilma declines, but Buck is all gun-hoe. Twiki invites himself, and Buck corrects him saying "his manors are showing". Neil saves face and encourages Twiki's presence as well.

Buck is shown in to meet Deputy Minister Kelan, Prime Minister Darius, and Vione. Then they drop the bomb shell on him that they brought Buck there with ulterior motives. Why did they not ask for his help in the first place? The Trebor gets ready to broadcast his monthly "contest" when Maya is brought in to him. The Trebor is wearing Rafael Argus's costume. That suite sure gets around. Greta informs The Trebor that Neil succeeded in making it to Earth and bringing Buck Rogers back with him. Greta suggests that Buck Rogers could be the Roshon. The Trebor however, doesn't believe in the Roshon, but sends two goons to take care of Rogers. The contest begins. It is a duel to the death between The Trebor and the Katarian corps. When The Trebor kills the Katarian solider, Kelan seems pleased. Hmm. He is wearing all black..I wonder if that means he is a spy?

Buck is escorted out of the Prime Ministers office when he is attacked by The Trebor's two goons. But they are no match for Buck Rogers. Buck kick's first. How these assassin goons got into the government building and all the way to the Prime Ministers office without being stopped, who can say, but once they have been subdued, a squad of security show up and take them into custody. The Prime Minister doesn't seem surprised that The Trebor has sent assassins to kill Buck Rogers, or that they nearly succeeded. Vione continues her escort to Buck's guest room. Buck is thinking things over when he hears Vione crying just outside his room. Nothing like a beautiful crying woman to melt Buck's heart. He's a sucker for a woman asking for help. How can he say 'no' now? He contacts Dr. Huer and Wilma asking for any information on the Trebor. Wilma heads to the archives to do her search. Why would the information on the Trebor be in the 20th Century Archives?

Buck informs the Minister and his deputies that he plans to attack The Trebor at his palace by entering the through a series of secrete tunnels. The Prime Minister feels this plan is inventive. Wilma enters the Archives, but Dr. Junius is out, Dr. Albert is in. The stage is the same as Dr. Mallory's laboratory in Planet of the Slave Girls & the Central Data room from Unchained Woman. Dr. Albert moves a metal lunchbox (Behind the Scenes: It is a "18 Wheeler" lunchbox) to give the impression that he is still organizing all the junk in the room. He was given the information about Katar's current Trebor by Dr. Junius to give to Wilma. She finds it most helpful. Course, it really isn't any information that we didn't already know. Buck, Darius and Neil leave for their assault on Trebor's palace.
Kalen stays behind and intends to warn the Trebor of the attack. However there is violent sunspot activity on Solon disrupting the Deputy Ministers Vid-phone. Central Communications informs Kalen that the Vid-phone should be up in an hour. Rogers and the gang arrive in the Palace with no problems. Neil and four security guards go to the Trebors quarters where they will see a vacuum discharge conduit on the right. Not sure why that little bit of information was necessary, but there you are. Buck and Darius come upon four guards playing a game on the floor instead of being at their posts. Sure enough, they are definitely not prepared for an attack directly in the palace. 

After taking the guards out, Buck goes in the emergency entrance into the women's chamber. Seconds later a stream of girls are coming out of the tube. One, Two, Three, four...how many girls? Seven, Eight! Neil, after three hours of trying, finally is able to contact The Trebor's palace and warn him of the attack. Too late! Neil and his four men blow up the wall and enter Trebor's chambers. Instead of killing him on the spot, Neil wants to capture him so he can stand trial and be convicted. Unfortunately for Neil's men, Trebor's guards show up and down they all go, stunned. Only Neil makes it out. Darius escapes with the nine women. Buck goes back for Neil but is quickly captured. Darius goes back for Buck and rescues him. They all escape back to Gaan. The Trebor pursues in the Raven. Buck installs a transistor on Twiki to help deal with Trebor's electric surges. Vione enters the room and of course is totally smitten with Buck. She gives him a medallion, a Katarian tradition, as the women give their men these medallions before the go into battle for protection, strength and love. 

Situation Red alert is in effect as The Trebor's ship arrives in the Gaan hanger. Buck is ready for him. The shooting begins. Several men from both sides are shot. Who can say if they are killed or merely stunned? Trebor calls for a cease fire and fires his electrical bolts at Buck. Using Twiki as a ground and resistor, they are able to redirect the electrical surge back at the Trebor, shorting his electronic circuits under his skin. Now, the fight is man to man. Roshon vs. Trebor. The Trebor is no real match for Buck. Sooner rather than later, he down for the the 10 count, as Twiki put it. Darius orders that all the stunned men be taken to the medical bay. Buck has literally fulfilled the prophecy of the Roshon. He is the 500 year old man who defeated the Trebor and set Katar free. Buck addresses the world. He tells them to stand up for themselves and have the courage and strenght to be free and remain that way. He tells them that they are all the Roshon. Buck makes out with Vione and then leaves her forever. The story of Buck's love life in a nut shell.

Back in Buck's apartment Twiki comes in wearing a cowboy outfit. Buck refers to Twiki as Billy the Kid and plays along. Twiki wants the money, the girls, the horses and for Buck to leave town. Buck says no. Twiki compromises and lets Buck keep the horses. Ha ha ha. Smile shot, and end episode.

Character Facts learned in this episode
Vione: A Katarian. Oldest Daughter of Prime Minister Darius
Maya: All the men in Gaan are checking her out. Youngest daughter of the Prime Minister Darius
The Trebor: A Shogun, dictator. 17th Trebor to rule over Katar. Controls the Katarian's with his military power and secrete police. Murders the Katarian's best warriors for sport. Uses the minute electric circitry implanted under his skin to kill his opponents. Spend several years on the planet Volton.
Roshon: A Katarian myth/Legend. A 500 year-old-man who's going to fight The Trebor to the death and free the Katarian people forever. Now a childhood fable. 
References to the 20th Century that the 25th does't get: Rotten egg, chickens
Easter Eggs:
Deaths: 5
Miniatures: (2) Starfighter (1) Ranger (5) Scorpion (1) Raven (1) Colonial Shuttle

Ep 121 Space Rockers, February 21, 1980

Director: Guy Magar
Writer(s): Chris Bunch & Allan Cole
Guest Star(s):
Lars Mangros .... Jerry Orbach
Yarat .... Richard Moll
Tarkas .... Paul LeClair
Mark .... Jeff Harlan
Elaine .... Cynthia Leake
Karana .... Nancy Frangione
Rambeau .... Jesse D. Goins
Cirus .... Leonard Lightfoot
Joanna .... Judy Landers
Technician .... Mitch Reta
Security Man .... Joseph Taggart
Complete List of Cast and Crew
Oh my gosh! I hate this episode already. The music is awful, and the costumes the Space Rockers are wearing are ridiculous. Lars Mangros and his bodyguard, Yarat, enter the control room and confront Tarkas, who was going to send a report to New Chicago. Yarat shoots Tarkas and takes his body to a garbage duct and is evacuated into space. Dr. Huer informs Buck that he is expecting a transmission from Tarkas in the Andromeda concert video. Instead, Yarat and Lars turn on their machine and brainwash their listeners at the Youth Center (under 30 years of age) to begin a rampage of violence, and destruction. Two such kids, Elaine and Mark, break into the New Chicago Spaceport, assault a technician and steal the 4-seater Thunderfigher 1314, Buck's ship (but the miniature is the 2-seater Starfigher). Buck takes off after them and regains control of his ship when Elaine comes to her senses and flips the remote control switch. Boy they are in trouble now! Buck doesn't press charges, but sends them home to their parents instead. Which is a worse fate then being sent to the rehab center.
A Starfigher patrol found Tarkas' body floating in space. Buck volunteers to take a closer look at Music World and devises a reason for him to go. In two days Andromeda will give their first galaxy wide concert at 1900 hours (7:00pm). Buck suggests that he goes as himself to introduce the rock 'n roll group by the guy who was around when Rock 'n Roll was born. Huer agreess with this plan and believes their friend at Music World, Wesland, will be able to help them with his plan. If Huer already had a friend/promoter at Music World, why did he send Tarkus? Buck arrives at Music World.

Lars describes his plan to Yarat to take control of the galaxy. With his particle ionizer at full power and played during the Andromeda concert, all people in the Entertainment Centers watching the show will become agitated to riot. With all the youth of the galaxy rioting all at once, all authority will collapse in a few hours. The heads of government will be at their wits end will be forced come to Lars for his help. At which point he will restore order. After that Lars will...uh...hmm, be arrested? Buck, who earlier Yarat assured Lars to be no threat, is now going to be sent home in a hospital shuttle. Buck arrives at Music World...wow, déjà vu.

"Will the sonic engineer for Enrto-Beat please call Control Room "K"?" Once Buck gets off his shuttle he is greeted but a gang of armed men. Didn't Lars say that Buck would leave an hour after he arrived, not instantly? Buck kicks first. Well, with that out of the way, Buck heads to his room, changes, and Joanna brings him in to see Lars. From there Buck is introduced to Andromeda and Karana shows him around the station. In his off hours, Buck sneaks into the Control Room and finds a micro chip that contains the word "Veck" (where did he see that?) and a brain wave pattern of an adolescent human. Plus a higher frequency that causes agitation....Whow, Joanna walks into Buck's room to 'Entertain' him, whatever that implies. With her soft sexy voice, she asks if she could speak with Buck alone. Lars turns on his particle ionizer to affect Joanna. Music in his room turns on automatically and Joanna is now in some kind of hypnotic trance. She pulls out a concealed hypo that she had up her sleeve. But Buck is too smart and too fast for her. Music is off and she is no longer in her trance. Buck tells her to leave and he will see her off in 30 minutes.

Buck goes to talk to Andromeda about Lars hiding a ionic wave in their music that is causing all the youth to riot. Andromeda's necklace that Lars gave them, acts like a filter and screens out the ionized waves (What is protecting Buck?). Andromeda decide to confront Lars, but he locks them up. Buck is waiting in his room for two hours before he grows suspicious that something must have happened to the band. Buck makes a new plan, that instead of keeping Andromeda from preforming, or for Dr. Huer to jam the transmission, he will destroy the particle ionizer (uh DUH!). Theo informs Buck that the ionizer is in Lars office. The only way to get to his office without being seen is through the waste disposal system. The same system that Tarkas was launched out of into space. I feel some foreshadowing coming on. Twiki enters the waste duck ('case he was the only one small enough to fit) just before Lars and his gang enter Buck's room.

Dr. Huer and Lars Mangros are discussing the concert. Huer informs Lars that the Directorate has placed a jamming satellite in orbit around Music World to prevent the concert from being broadcast. The satellite model is the same as the Time Capsule. Unfortunately, Lars destroys the satellite. Just as Twiki is about to grab the particle ionizer that is just out of reach, the waste disposal system turns on and sucks the garbage and maybe Twiki too, out into space. Buck and Andromeda are locked in a storage room that Buck compares the walls to ten-point steel. Karana says its cronide. Huer puts the Directorate on Full Emergency status. There is a organ in the same room with Buck and Andromeda. Buck thinks they can use the organ to break out of their prison. If they disconnect the C.P.S. governor (er, you mean 'regulator'?), then connect the speaker to it they will be able to increase the cycles per second (or C.P.S.) output to be so loud that it will do something to the cronide. It's all so simple.

Twiki fails in his mission to obtain the particle ionizer. Lars runs the pre-recorded video of an old concert of Andromeda. If the future is anything like today, it wouldn't take long for a of couple kids to youtube Andromeda, discover that the show on now wasn't like and quickly blog or tweet about it. It would go viral, and all the money that Music World is making from their Pay-per-view concert will have to be refunded. But so far so good. All the galaxies youth are doing the light rope dance. Andromeda are finished with their modifications to the organ and turn it on. Using the sound waves they are able to blow out the lock on the door only and escape. Thank you McGyver!

Buck takes out Yarat and smashes the particle ionizer. Just then all the youth come back to reality and are no longer under the trance. Unfortunately for Lars, he does not know this and goes on the broadcast demanding the youth take over their world. The youth just laugh at him. Infact, the whole galaxy laughs at him. The Directorate, show up will full security personal at their Youth Center to regain control, only to find all the youth calm and dancing to Andromeda! Dr. Huer orders his security personal to arrest Lars Mangros on Music World, despite that the fact that Directorate has no jurisdiction there. Long live Rock 'N Roll!

Character Facts learned in this episode
Tarkas: Directorate agent working undercover at Music World as Andromeda's sound technician. His reports are coded and hidden in the music videos.
Andromeda: the most popular Rock band in the galaxy. Consists of three band members, Karana the guitarist, Cirus the crystal drummer, and an organist Rambeau. Songs include "Stardrift", "Timewalk". After each concert there is a 55% increase in youth crimes.
Music World: A renovated military orbital fortress that was previously abandoned. Now being used by music promoters. Outside Directorate jurisdiction.
Lars Mangros: Andromeda's manager. Best in the music world. Used to be a research engineer and wrote some papers on Particle Movement Theory. Author of a highly classified monograph on "The Effects of Ionized Wave Particles to Regulate Human Behavior."
References to the 20th Century that the 25th does't get: The Beatles, The Who
Easter Eggs:
Deaths: 1
Miniatures: (2) Starfighter (1) Music World (1) Launch Tube (1) Jaming Satallite