Thursday, January 9, 2014

Ep 119 Olympiad, February 7, 1980

Director: Larry Stewart
Writer(s): Craig Buck
Guest Star(s):
Alaric .... Nicolas Coster
Lara Tizian.... Judith Chapman
Jorex Leet .... Barney McFadden
Karl .... Paul Mantee
Eric Zogan .... Paul Coufos
Satrap .... John A. Zee
Special Guest Star(s)"
Quarod .... Jerry Quarry
Rand Sorgon .... Bob Seagren
Olympian .... Elgin Baylor
Olympian .... Anthony Davis
Holl Headedson .... Thomas "Hollywood" Henderson
Olympian .... Carlos Palomino
Welcome to the 2492 Interplanetary Olympic Games! This year the Games will be held on the lovely planet Mykos in the Hyernia System. "Registration for the Olympic Games has been approved. Please check your delegation and representative in the event that your competition resides" the announcer informs over the PA system. Is it a coincidence that the Summer Olympics where held in 1980, the same year this show aired?

Antonious Daven, a.k.a. "Mr. 28", is being interviewed by UBC Sports. His competition is Running.
Next interview is with Matt Brine, gold medal in the horizontal [something]...Is he wearing a saran wrap T-shirt? That's when Holl Headedson from Simpian bombs the interview and showing off how cocky he is. "I'm the star here." He is a man known throughout the universe for winning two gold and one silver medal last year. UBC Sports however is not amused and cuts the interview short. Next Olympian (played by Carlos Palomino) is a Sonic Boxer, jumping rope. No, wait, the interviewer doesn't know what category the Olympian is competing in. A runner? Tumbler? Gymnast? No. The Olympian says he is in Gravity Pull (weight lifting), but is jumping rope because weights are heavy. Well that concludes the practice sessions for the 2492 Olympic Games. All athletes are to report to their sleep chambers. Sounds so comfortable. It actually gives me the feeling that these athletes are not volunteers, but perhaps slaves to the games.

Two lover's, Lara and Jorex, embrace each other after being apart for so long. Lara has heard so many terrible things happening on Loziria that she was afraid she would never see Lorex again. Lorex agree's to meet Lara again tomorrow after morning practice.

Buck holds up a flag of the Olympic's from the 21st century. He was asked to present the flag to the Olympic Committee before the games begin. Buck ask's Wilma to come with him, but she declines due to her busy schedule. She has a Centauran's meeting on Wednesday, a Security Council dance Thursday night, and a Directorate caucus on Friday. Oh well, Buck goes with Twiki and Dr. Theo (who is representing the Directorate for the games) instead.
Buck heads to the games in is Starfighter.

"Heat Five of the 40-kilometer Steeple Chase,
will begin in 30 minutes. All participants please check-in with the Starter..." Buck walks onto the stadium floor where two men with plastic cups on their hands are sonic boxing, and two other guys are fighting each other without actually making contact. I guess the games have moved away from any contact between participants, but are still trying to keep contact sports in the Olympics. "Jaralock has just set a new galactic record in the 40-kilometer Steeple Chase, with a time of two hours, 17 minutes, 34 and 27 seconds." Buck seems rather disappointed with how the Olympic Games seems to have dwindled to a single stadium and no spectators. But they do have Responder Units that broadcast millions of voices from hundreds of planets over a PA system so the Olympians can hear their fans cheering. "Mitlive from Centuar Five is about to make her first vertical jump..." Buck tries to talk to Lorex about his vertical jumping. He says that in his day eight, to eight and half foot jump was considered pretty good, but his twenty or so feet is amazing. "The Itheria gymnasts are about to begin their floor exercise. Will the contestants in a 10-kilometer run..." Jorex gets zapped by Alaric's disharmonizer. Apparently Jorex isn't allowed to talk to anyone, and Alaric punished him for talking to Buck.
All Buck had to do was say hello to Jorex to get his background checked out. Very suspicious group of guys. The Satrap from Loziria contacted Alaric with orders to ensure the victory of Jorex Leet, no matter what the cost. Lara introduces herself to Buck. She watched him present the Olympic flag and instantly felt he was someone she could trust. Lara suggests to Buck that he join her in her Astrosled. Twiki walks off to and pumps into an Olympian played by Elgin Baylor. You can see Twiki braces himself before he pumps into him, so you know Felix was getting ready to knock into Elgin. Elgin Baylor picks Twiki up and sets him aside when another athlete comes to his 'rescue'. I assume this shot is in the show to show case two cameo's of guest star Olympians.

Lara escorts Buck to her Astrosled, asks him to step on the Power Nacelle to get in. They quickly launch and are flying through space along the Astroslolum course. I got to say that Lara is very flirtatious with Buck.
The whole scene makes gives the impression that the two are getting more intimate with each other the longer they are together. Karl comes in with the report on Buck Rogers being an honored guest of the Olympics. Alaric becomes suspicious of Lara's interest in an honored guest. He calls Lara "..this Tizian woman". Is he saying that Lara is from Tizian, and therefore a Tizian woman, or is Tizian Lara's last name? He requests that a Vid-Sensor be installed in her room. Are hidden camera's w/ audio legal in the 25th Century? We return to Buck and Lara enjoying the view of Mykos. Lara then tells Buck how safe he is and then she just dumps all her problems on him. First she flirts with Buck, gets him to be interested and care and her then she tell him that she needs help. Buck is now invested in her and is eager to help. Lara tells Buck about their plans to Defect. After the Directorate's OK to help, Buck is on the case. Wilma and Dr. Huer talk to Eric Zogan, a defector, for his imput on Alaric. With his help, Huer and Wilma come up with a plan to help Buck. What happened to Wilma's plans that kept her from going to the games in the first place? She arrives at Mykos in a Starfighter.

"And a new course record of 24.28 seconds..." Jorex is getting all jealous watching Lara talk with Buck. Buck is ready to make plans with Lara and Jorex and with Lara's race right after the Vertical Distance Leap, they have time to do just that. After a quick fighter with two professional sonic boxers (played by Jerry Guarry) that is. They get split up and Lara makes it to her room first where she is surprised by a robot in her room. The robot delivers a flower pot that excretes a zemdon order. A powerful anesthetic used exclusively on Lozira. The flower quickly does its work, and Lara is unconscious on the floor. The robot then stuffs her body into its lower cavity.

Wilma, in a wig and new attire, hides in Alaric's room until he returns. She tells him that she was interested in Lozirian exos. Exposing Wilma's shoulder, he reveals a mark (tattoo?) that indicates she is a Caruthian, someone who's been enlisted to entertain at the games. Her ring is lased with something that she uses to knock Alaric out. She takes his disharmonizer. Buck is in the stadium talking to Jorex about where Alaric resides. He has an apartment in the recreation complex, the Omega Suite, on the second level. Not sure how this is helpful as Wilma already located Alaric's apartment and Lara wasn't there. Right?

Twiki is trying to disable the disharmonizer modification that will blow Jorex up, but to no avail. Their new plan is make a run for it. They hope to get Jorex out of range of the disharmonizer's frequency before Alaric finds him missing. Why not just replicate the device and replace Alaric's with one that doesn't work? He wouldn't know it was missing and wouldn't have a lethal weapon back in his hands. Seems like a much better solution that giving the devise back to him and hoping that he doesn't use it before they can get Jorex out through the Stargate. Wilma takes the remote back to Alaric. She should be back in a half hour.

"In the sonic boxing pit, moving into the second round, eliminations are Hollin Roberts from Reza 2 and Lex Bodin from Centaur 5." Buck is wondering the halls of the recreation complex on the second
level. He passes the "Gamma Suite", the "Delta Suite" and finally finds the "Omega Suite". The door isn't locked, which is always a good indication that someone is being held there against their will. Buck enters anyways and finds the room empty. Or is it? There is another door in the room that has energy beams before the door acting as restraining bars. Looks promising. Hey, what do you know, Lara is behind the door. I hope that this prison like cell in the Omega suite is an add on by Alaric and not something that comes standard in the complexes hotel rooms. Lara asks Buck how he found her. Uh, well he found a plant in her room that is exclusive to Lorzira, and the only Lorzirian that Buck knows that would want to kidnap Lara is Alaric, so he checked his room first as it seemed like the most logical place to start. Turns out that his assumption paid off. It's not exactly rocket science here Lara. Just connecting the obvious dots. Buck pushes the OFF button for the energy bars on the panel (that is Lara's reach if she wanted to try to escape all on her own). Oops, their escape is cut short when Karl shows up and locks them in the room. He throws into the room a genuine Lozirian Ice Cloud. The little thing explodes and begins to reduce the temperature in the room. Karl says that it will become the temperature of deep space in a matter of minutes. Space is around -455 degree's Fahrenheit, so, if the room was +74 degree's, the room would have to drop 52.9 degrees a minute to reach deep space temperature in 10 minutes. However they would be freeze to death in about three to four minutes. Well with some quick reflection technology, Buck is able to deflect the energy bar around the hall and pack to the control panel, destroying it. They are free once more.

Still out like a light, Wilma returns to Alaric, who is, uh, in some room that is apparently not his personal room, and returns the disharmonizer to Alaric's pocket. Back in Buck's apartment, Wilma, Lara, Twiki, Theo and Buck make plans to use the 10 minutes between Jorex's last competition and the rewards ceremony as a chance to escape. Buck instructs Wilma to get the deharmonizer back from Alaric (huh?), and Jorex will accompany Lara in her Astrosled during her race. Theo mentions that he will be able to monitor the zeta waves from Alaric's disharmonizer and will know the instant that he pushes the button. I am so glad that they will be able to detect that Alaric pushed the button the same instant they witness Jorex explode. Least then they will be able to...uh...hmmm...thanks for the help Theo! Wilma contacts Alaric and tells him that she is in Compound 7A, Unit 4. Alaric will be there in 30 minutes. Why she did she tell him to come to Buck's room is not clear. I mean, wouldn't it be obvious that she and Buck may be working together in their plot to rescue Jorex and defect to Earth? Nah...
"The gymnasts from Remas 1 are about to begin their floor exercises. The 15-kilometer run is about to begin in the South..." Twiki informs Jorex about their plans. Alaric watches Jorex's last leap on the stadium floor. Jorex wins and is the Vertical Leap Intergalactic Champion.
"Results of the 10-Kilometer run are in. Bronze medal is awarded to Zolton from Atheria. The Silver Medal is awarded to Deana Port from Remus 2. The Gold Medal is awarded to Lex Nash from Iceicon 3." Lara and Jorex prepare to launch the Astrosled out Chute "B". If the distance between sea level and space is similar to Earths, the
time it would take the zeta waves to reach Mykos's atmosphere would be approximately 60 seconds, or one minute. How many miles the course is away from the planet, would add a few seconds to Jorex's life. But not much. Satrap is insistent that Jorex be present to receive his medal for all the people of Lozirian to see. But apparently not important enough that he orders Alaric to kill him immediately. Which would ensure his absence forever. Twiki, Wilma and Buck all hop in Bucks Thunderfighter (wait, didn't he arrive in a Starfighter? Where did the Thunderfighter come from?) and takes off in pursuit of Lara and Jorex. Twiki detects that the deharmonizer has been activated and calculates that they have only 29.43 seconds before the signal reaches the Astrosled. That would put the Astrosled approximately 30 miles away. Buck enters curve 33-G and needs to bear 77 degrees right and 82 degrees left. 24.20 seconds left. 15.7 seconds. 11.3 seconds. Tangent on the next curve is nearly 80 degrees. Buck makes a quick maneuver. 7.9 seconds. 5.9 seconds. Wilma hits the tractor beam. 2.1 seconds. With maybe a half second left, and the sled in tow, all 5 people enter the Stargate. The Satrap is displeased with Alaric. Due to Alaric's failure he now takes a Scorpion fighter out to space and commits suicide. That'l teach him. Wait...what happened to Wilma's Starfighter? I mean she arrived in one right? Did they just leave it on the planet?

Well Jorex was able to acquire his Gold medal despite defecting to Earth. Wilma tells Buck that a man from UBC (the Holovid Network) wanted him to cover the Equinox Exercises in New Phoenix. Luckily she declined on Buck's behalf. Only one Olympiad is enough for one life time. Everyone laughs.

Disharmonizer: A simple transmitting device that utilizes low-frequency zeta waves to communicate to a microscopic molecular chip implanted in an Alpha Lorzirian's brain. The speed of the waves is approximately five times (4.84 to be more exact) the speed of sound or about 1,660 meters per second (5,446 feet). However, the zeta waves are unable to travel through Stargate configurations, limiting its range.

Character Facts learned in this episode
Jorex Leet: Alpha slave on Lorzira. Takes orders from Alaric. He is the Vertical Leap Gold medal champion. Lozirian Team members are not allowed to speak to outworlders. Not allowed to marry an alien. The Satrap needs Jorex's gold medal to use in Loziria's political struggles. Implanted with a microscopic molecular disharmonizer in his brain. His disharmonizer has been modified to destroy the sub-cellular atomic bonds in his brain, making him a human bomb with a half kilometer radius (1,640 feet).
Lara Tizian: Astrosled Champion. She met Jorex at the Olympiad on Ramu.Wants to defect with Jarex to Earth.
Alaric: Deputy Minister. Has a crippling weakness for women of all persuasions. Uses exos (Lorzirian steroid used to build physical development) to win them and keeps them under his spell.
Eric Zogan: Expatriate that defected to the Directorate last year. Athlete.

References to the 20th Century that the 25th does't get: The World Series, Bobsled When it rains it pours
Deaths: 1
Miniatures: (2) Starfighter (1) Thunderfighter (1) Mykos Hanger (1) Astrosled (1) Lower Launch Bay (1) Scorpion Fighter (1) Launch Tube


  1. The traveling shots representing the force fields on the Astroslolum course were taken from the opening credits sequence of the short-lived 1977-78 "Logan's Run" TV series.

  2. Lara was one of my favorite Women of the Week.