Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Profiles In History Auction No. 83

Profiles in History is auctioning off some original Buck Rogers items.

(979 pg 311) First auction is a set of 9 Color transparencies by Universal Hartland (UPDATE: I contacted UH regarding the unknown model transparency and Ken assures me that it was not a Universal Hartland model). These transparencies are 4"x5" of a few filming miniatures (Thunderfighter, Marauder, and a unknown ship), from different angles. I presume these where used for filming a Thunderfighter quick and dirty without needing to go back to the miniature. Just slap the transparency down in a black back drop, and film. Starting at $300 priced too high, as it went UNSOLD.

(981 pg. 312)The second item is a rubber (stunt) First Season Blaster. I think it's impossible to say who used this blaster specifically as I am sure they were swapped around so much. Starting at $800
UPDATE: Blaster went on eBay and sold for $800

Hollywood Auction 83 PDF download