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Ep 124 Flight of the War Witch, Part 2 March 27, 1980

Director: Larry Stewart
Writer(s): David Chomsky, Robert W. Gilmer, William Mageean
Guest Star(s):
Princess Ardala .... Pamela Hensley
Chandar .... Kelley Miles
Kodus .... Donald Petrie
Spirot .... Sid Haig
Kane .... Michael Ansara
Zarina .... Julie Newmar
Pantherman .... Tony Carroll
Agent Goneril .... Brent Davis
1st Counsel Member .... Larry Ward
1st Security Guard .... Gary Adler
Draconian Soldier .... Don Maxwell
Special Guest Star(s):
Tora .... Vera Miles
Keeper (Council Leader) .... Sam Jaffe
Complete list of cast and crew:
The Zaad ground forces (the four armed men from the two Sharks) entered the Pendaran capitol and vaporize three bystanders. A real robot rolls into Buck's room and requests his presence in the Grand Council Chamber. Apparently, Princess Ardala, Kane, Wilma, and Dr. Huer arrived safely and are waiting for him there. Turns out that the Draconian's also refused to help fight their war. Did I call it or what? The Keeper assures both the Directorate and the Draconian's that he anticipated them both refusing to help fight the war witch. So, he does have a Plan "C"...uh...what is it? Oh, they are blackmailing them. The council wont help them return to their universe unless they agree to fight the Zaads. That throws Dr. Huer's synaptic point modification to Twiki idea out the window. Well, with no other alternative, Buck and Huer agree to help Pendar. Now, Buck has to convince the princess to help with her ship. Sometimes I get the impression that Wilma enjoys Buck being a playboy. The Draconian's, now no longer desiring being in a new universe, decide to head home. Buck docks with the Draconia for that drink the princess offered him earlier. Ardala, unable to resist a gorgeous man, little lone Buck Rogers, agrees to stay in the universe a little longer.

Zarina still has Kodus restrained on board her ship. Zarina appears to be a lonely woman, as she suggests that Kodus remain with her after she destroyed Pendar. Perhaps she is into Light Creatures. Hey, wait...why doesn't Kodus dematerialize to his natural form and escape? Well Kodus refuses the witches advances, much to her disappointment. Buck hurry's to Princess Ardala's room. Buck asks for Ardala's help, and the princess cannot help but seem to take advantage of the Captain. One might think that the princess would only agree to help Rogers if he agrees to sleep with her. Will he do it?

The Zaad troops make it to the computer vault with no further resistance. "Unauthorized entry in computer vault, Section 3002. Repeat: Unauthorized penetration in Section 3002". They are in the section governing the defense shield. Alerted, Chandar shows Buck and Wilma to the vault. Upon arrival, blasters are a blazon. The one trooper in the Vault takes cover, despite that he is perfectly safe inside. I guess he no longer needs to finish what he was doing, and lay in wait for someone to come in. Good thing too, 'cause Buck walks right into his trap. Buck kicks the guy out of the Vault just as the explosives on the computer go off. The trooper disappeared somehow in the explosion.

Back in the Grand Council Chamber, all are in attendance to discuss the attack plan. Ardala plans on having a little woman to woman chat. She feels a certain kinship with Zarina, since they are so obviously similar. Buck is not so convinced that she will discuss the important issues. "...I wasn't thinking of discussing sunsets over Sinod, Captain!" You tell him Ardala! They need to make plans to get on board the Zaad cruiser. There is a supply ship that makes deliveries to the cruiser that is run entirely by drones. That is how Buck will get on the ship undetected. Ardala is a bit upset that they didn't go with her plan. She vents to Kane. Poor guy. Wilma drops Buck off on the Supply shuttle, that soon docks with the Zaad Battle Cruiser. He is immediately taken into custody once he exists the shuttle. The life size set prop of the shuttle is the Battlestar Galactica Colonial Shuttle.
I think this is the third time they have used this shuttle prop on the show. Buck is brought before Zarina. It appears that Ardala arrived right before Buck and told Zarina of his presence on board the shuttle. It seems that Ardala is trying to go with her plan anyways. Zarina is more like Ardala then she anticipated. She loves men just as much. Instead of talking Woman to Woman as Ardala suggested, Zarina wants to talk Woman to Man. Que porn music now. But before that happens, both Ardala and Buck are taken to a small apartment where they are locked in. Good thing to, as later the guards throw Kodus in the same cell with Buck.

Well, Ardala gets her Woman to Woman talk with Zarina after all. Ardala proposes that she will help Zarina destroy the Pendaran's in exchange for Buck Rogers and clairvoyance back through the Vortex to her Universe. Zarina calls Ardala out. Zarina isn't impressed with Ardala's proposition or her childish attitude. Zarina is a woman, who earned her position, while Ardala is a spoiled child who was given her title. However, if the roles where reversed, I think Ardala would treat Zarian the same way. With her ego deflated, Ardala is taken back to her cell, where Buck and Kodus await. She cry's in Buck's arms.

Now Buck is taken in to see Zarina. I can only imagine this will involve a lot of flirtatious looks and innuendos. She does straight out say that Buck is an attractive man, and she would make him great and powerful too if he agrees to stay with her. Buck naturally resists powerful and aggressive women, and declines her offer. Twiki and Dr. Theopolis are in the computer vault trying to repair the defense shield computer that was destroyed in the bombing earlier. The little robot provided by the Pendaran's indicates that the main computer is composed of modular synaptic antigens. Does that mean it should repair itself?

On board the Draconia, Kane orders Hatchet squadrons Alpha and Gamma to be deployed and stationed at coordinates 55-Zeta-4. Delta squadron will join them at 1100 hours (11:00am). Draconian Solder informs commander Kane that the pulsar cannons wont be aligned for another 15 minutes. Kane is not pleased. He wants the ships in position in 7 minutes. Kane demands why Captain Sven and his squad hasn't left yet. They are 45 seconds behind! Wilma, slowly backs away from Kane, and returns to Pendar. Spirot informs Zarina that the fighters are ready for attack. Zarina orders that they will being at 1350 (1:50pm), one hour from now.

Four guards enter the prison cell to bring Kodus to Zarina. Buck and Kodus are hiding in the rafters and Ardala is under the bed. Both Buck and Kodus take out the four guards, while Ardala stays out of the way. I mean she does help a little, like tripping the guards, but all and all, fighting is men's work. Once the guards are unconscious, Buck instructs Ardala to take the cloths off the men. She seems all to pleased to comply. Nothing like striping four unconscious men to make a princess's day.
Course Buck wants to wear their uniforms so they can escape without attracting too much attention. Well, they are stopped by some dolts that ask for their identification. Buck tells them that they are Zarina's personal guard. I would think that most every guard on the Battle Cruiser would be familiar with who Zarina's personal guard is, so this probably wasn't the best lie. The Zaad solider then asks who Ardala is. Never mind that Buck and Kodus are escorting her by gun point, Kodus has to spell out that she is a prisoner being taken to the 5th floor, to Zarina herself. Why does this goober think that stalling Zarina's personal guard who are transporting a prisoner to Zarina herself is a good idea? Oh well, writers have to add a little suspense to the scene. Make us think that they may be caught. Spirot informs Zarina that the prisoners have escaped with Kodus. Uh, isn't Kodus a prisoner too? So, isn't saying the prisoners escaped with Kodus a bit redundant? Was it a possibility that the prisoners would have escaped and left Kodus behind? Zarina order's that all available crew to stop them. I always find this statement kind of funny. The key word is "available". What if all the crew where busy? "Oh, Zarina ordered only the crew currently with some down time, well I'm working on my synaptic points, I cannot help". Sorry Zarina, only the Janitor was available, and he wasn't much help in the end in stopping the prisoners. Maybe if you ordered all crew to stop what they were doing and focus on the escaping prisoners, things may have been different. The prisoners make it to the flight bay, which looks just like the Gaan Hanger where Buck fought the Trebor in Buck's Duel to the Death.

Kodus and Ardala crawl to the princess's shuttle as to not be hit by any blaster fire. Kodus has the best view ever, crawling behind Ardala. Little does Buck know, but a Zaad guard is sneaking up behind him. No, wait! Buck whips around and takes him out. Buck is too awesome to be taken unawares. Buck hops into Ardala's shuttle, and they all escape. When Zarina hears about this failure from her guards, she orders all those responsible to be but to death. Spirot is way a head of her. Zarina orders a full attack on Pendar.

Kodus and company make it back to Pendar safely.
Kodus and Chandar head to the computer vault to assist Twiki and Theopolis in the repairs to the defense shield. 1st Counsel Member indicates that 72,000 soldiers are on board the cruiser. There is no other equal to it in the system. Tora announces that the Battle Cruiser will reach the Defense Shield at 1340 (1:40pm), 10 minutes ahead of Zarina's original schedule. Buck plans to keep Zarina busy until shield is repaired. At which time they will lure the Battle Cruiser into the shield area, where the Council will then activate it. They hope that the electrostatic radiation will then destroy the cruiser, killing everyone on board. Something that will require split second timing and a lot of luck. Let's do it! So, Wilma, Buck, Weinwright and Daniels are the only Starfighters that are going up against 20 or so Shark fighters, and being joined with 20 or so Hatchet Fighters.

Call signs go out. Zaad 1 is Zarina's Battle Cruiser. Eric 30 is approaching initial attack mode on schedule with no response yet from Pendar. Zarnia speeds up to quarter speed. Ardala asks to be connected to the Draconia. Kane is addressing his squadrons, giving them words of encouragement as they prepare for battle. Ardala interrupts him and totally emasculates him in front of the entire Draconian army. Hatchet Fighters away. Earth Leader 1314 (Buck) calls Apple-4 (Wilma) and indicates that they will reach this side of the defense shield at approximately 1650.26 (did we just skip two hours?). Huh? Are they not already on this side of the defense shield? The four Starfighters are joined with squadrons of Hatchet Fighters. Buck gives his infamous thumbs up to Hatchet Leader, who returns the gesture. Course if Buck game him the middle finger, I don't think that the Hatchet pilot would know the difference.

In the Computer Vault, Twiki tests Circuit 8401. It isn't want they are looking for. Kodus tests Circuit 15133. Twiki indicates that he is "bushed". I didn't know ambuquads got tired. Only one damaged circuit to go, and then they can close the shield. Unfortunately, they cannot find it yet. Shark Fighters are inside the shield. Starfighter 1267 informs Buck of an approaching Shark at 2:00. 3462 approaches on Vector 4, Sikto 92. The battle begins. Phew, phew. Boom! Fighter 1123 calls 54 to alert him that the enemy is in range. Thank you captain obvious! Buck plans to intercept Zarina's battle Cruiser to delay her approach. He informs Kodus that his ships digital readout is 1333.50 (uh 1:33pm?). Just seven minutes (and a distance of four trisecs) before the Cruiser makes it to the shield. Kodus confirms that he has the same time. All stations on the Zaad 1 open fire on Buck. Buck radios Zarina. Zarina orders Spirot to increase another half speed, and to mount the Megacannon, a weapon capable of destroying cities. Spirot thinks it is a bit overkill. Or perhaps he feels that the cannon cannot target something so small and agile?

Twiki finally locates the last damaged circuit. Wilma takes out the last Shark Fighter. Megacannon is primed and loaded. Zarina pursues Buck's Starfighter into the shield area. Back makes it through the shield just before the Megacannon's missile finds him and is detonated on the surface. Zaad 1 is approaching the shield too fast to maneuver out of the way in time and is destroyed. Time for celebration. Wilma and Huer are dressed in their best, and...wait, what? Where did they get an extra pair of cloths? Buck and Ardala flirt with each other. Buck finally seems to want Ardala for something a little more than just friendship, and the Keeper gives everyone his thanks. They all pack up and head home. Back in their own universe, Buck contacts Chicago Control and requests Landing mode. Chicago Control grants request and directs that they approach on Vector 4, Channel Locks J & K. Somehow four Starfighters multiplies to six fighters. They are technically one too many. There should be a Starfighter for Buck & Twiki, Wilma, Dr. Huer, Weinwright and Daniels. Where did the sixth come from? Glad to to be home, Buck cannot help but smile.

Character Facts learned in this episode
Zarina: Earned her position, it wasn't given to her.
References to the 20th Century that the 25th does't get
Favorite quotes: "Why don't you make like a fuse and blow?" - Twiki "Convey my best to the squadrons, and launch them into space immediately. I don't want them to be late for the war" - Ardala "You can see any side of me you like, any time, day or night" - Ardala. 
Princess Ardala Costumes: 5
Easter Eggs:
Deathsapproximately 72,013
Miniatures: (6) Starfighter (1) The Draconia (1) Princess Shuttle (1) Zaad Battle Cruiser (20) Sharks (1) Supply Ship (1) Lower Launch Bay (20) Hatchet Fighters

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