Thursday, April 3, 2014

Chapter Ten Broken Barriers, June 13, 1939

Director: Ford Beebe & Saul A. Goodkind
Writer(s): Norman S. Hall, Ray Trampe, Dick Calkins
Guest Star(s):
Lieutenant Carson .... Russ Clark
Cell Guard .... Ben Lewis
Lieutenant Lacy .... Kenneth Dunncan
Commander White ....
War Minister .... Edmund Mortimer

Well instead of maintaining continuity with the last chapter, Buddy isn't shot after all and manages to make it out the window unscathed. He lands safely on a terrace several floors down, then leaps down once more to a lower terrace. Cut to scene of Wilma in her dungeon cell. A passing soldier informs the cell guard that a boy from Hidden City is in the palace. Wilma's ears perk up "Did they say Buddy Wade was in the palace?" "Yes..." NO! They said a "boy" not "Buddy Wade". Thanks Wilma for telling the enemy who it was that infiltrated their building. Like a fool, the cell guard got too close to Wilma who grabbed his weapon and shot him in the head in their struggle. She blasts the lock, freeing her from her cell. Kane orders that they double their guards at all exits. Wilma sneaks up on Buddy thinking he is a Kane soldier. Instead of shooting him right then and there, she demands that Buddy halt where he is. Like a fool, Wilma is too close to Buddy who grabs at her weapon only to realize that it is Wilma and not a Kane Soldier. Wilma seems shocked to see Buddy. Didn't she just learn that Buddy was there not too long ago? With their combined forces, they head to the Dynamo Room to free Buck from his amnesia helmet.

Arriving at the gate, Buddy tries to strong arm the doors before trying the panel. Finding the handle locked, he takes Wilma's ray gun to blast the panel. Wilma is confused why Buddy needs the gun. It's not like she used this exact same trick earlier to free herself from her cell. No, Buddy has to do it 'cause he is smart and inventive. Buddy and Wilma sneak into the Dynamo Room, and walk past the men in amnesia helmets. Strange how whenever Kane captured someone from Hidden City and made them part of his robot battalion, he always put them in the Kane Soldier uniform, but not Buck. Kane watches Wilma and Buddy while they try to locate Buck. Kane springs his trap! Those where not mindless robots after all, but Kane's guards pretending to be. Buddy leaps down on top of Buck, knocking his helmet off. Time to escape. Buck fights off some goons and throws them into an on coming mob of guards, like a bolling ball striking a bunch of pins. Wilma tosses gas bombs down on Kane's soldiers (and Buck and Buddy too). Thanks Wilma!

Kane orders Argu to send every available man to the Dynamo Room. Would 'available' mean, 'off-duty'? Buck, Wilma and Buddy make it to the terrace where Kane's patrol ships are parked. The pilot inside the patrol ship, Lieutenant Carson, almost has a sixth sense because he knows the Hidden City escapees will confiscate his ship, so he hides instead of trying to capture the escaped prisoners. What could go wrong? Wilma fires the starting rockets on the ship, and they are off. Little do they know that there is a stowaway on board. Wilma contacts the Air Controller at Hidden City to inform them they are flying above the Valley of Vapor and will be arriving shortly. Why isn't the Controller more excited about hearing Wilma's voice whom they all suspected to be dead? Least Wilma has learned from previous encounters to inform the Towers that they are approaching in a Kane Patrol ship and requests that they not to fire on them. Wilma will land on Landing Field 6. Skygun on Deck Seven is ordered not to fire on the approaching Kane ship.

Lt. Lacy is ordered to acquire all the information from the captured Kane ship that he can. He boards the ship alone, and is taken out by Lt. Carson, who strips him nude and takes his uniform. Colonel Rogers catches up to Marshal Kregg, who is excited to see them all alive. Another reason why Kane's comment about the war being over because he captured Rogers was absurd. Buck's and Wilma's death didn't even dent Dr. Huer's plans in defeating Kane. Perhaps Kane thought that Rogers would just give up the Hidden Cities location and that's what he meant. Buck gives the news to Dr. Huer that the Saturnian's have allied themselves to aide in the fight against Kane and will send ships to help as soon as Hidden City is ready to attack. Didn't Buck already give them this news before the Zugg revolt? Didn't they also have this news before they even left for Saturn in the first place? A meeting with the War Council is called to discuss the details.

The War Minister has been meeting with Air Marshall Kregg since 9 o'clock. Lt. Carson, now dressed in a Hidden City uniform takes over the Air Controller Station. Course the new Station Controller is instantly alarmed by Carson, so I am not sure how good being in disguise helped him. He contacts his Leader, Kane and tells him the location of Hidden Cities secret gates. Outer Atmosphere Patrol, led by Commander White, is alerted and begins his approach.

The War Council, consisting of Buck, Dr. Huer, Marshall Kregg and the War Minister, adjourn their meeting for the night. Kregg notices that the secrete entrance to the gate is open and becomes alarmed. The Kane spy pulls out his ray gun to stop Kregg from closing the doors. Kregg makes for the door controls anyways and gets a beating on the back of the head for his trouble. But the distraction was enough for Buck to attack Carson. They fight. Buck launches himself into Carson's feet not once, but twice and gets pushed back into the counter. Carson manages to find his dropped ray gun and shoots Buck down. Commander White and his Squadron have reached the secret entrance to Hidden City.
To Be Continued ....

Facts learned in this episode:
Lieutenant Carson: Manages Kane's private Patrol Ship.
Hidden City: Located in the Valley 100 on a Kane map
Errors: Before Buddy and Wilma open the door to the Dynamo Room, his shadow is seen on the wall inside already.
Easter Eggs:
Deaths: 2
Miniatures: (1) Kane City Terrence (5) Kane Patrol Ships (1) Hidden City

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