Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Chapter Eight Revolt Of The Zuggs, May 30, 1939

Director: Ford Beebe & Saul A. Goodkind
Writer(s): Norman S. Hall, Ray Trampe, Dick Calkins
Guest Star(s):
Zugg Conberry .... Stanley Price
Commander White ....

Buck escapes out the side door before the Zuggs or Laska's men could capture him. However, they do take Prince Tallen and Wilma captive. Laska orders Robot Martin to order the Zuggs to imprison them. Aldar forbids their imprisonment. Like he still has power over the Zuggs. Tallen warns Laska that the Zuggs are not used to power and in time they will destroy him. Buck takes cover behind a vase. To distract the Zuggs, he takes a ring that was hanging off the wall and tosses it like 100 or so feet, and it perfectly lands on the breaker that turns on the Tunnel Car's power. Instead of just landing on the handle like it should have done, it pulled the leaver down, activating the car. It worked! The Zuggs were distracted long enough for Buck to sneak past them.

Prince Tallen and Lt. Wilma are locked in a cell. What the? All the Zuggs have been doing is moaning and grunting this whole time, and how they speak in perfect English "You stay here, on guard"? Where did that come from? How are they primitives now? Well Conberry (?) stands guard while Buck Rogers sneaks up behind him and gives him a crack on his jaw, stunning him. Buck opens the cell door and brings the unconscious Zugg in to tie him up. Buck plans to go back to the Forum (what he just ran away from), to break the hypnotic spell that the filament inside the helmet has put on Robot Martin. Tallen shows Buck and Wilma a back way into the Council room. Robot Martin is instructing all the Zuggs to execute all the Saturnian's who are not in line with Kane's rule. Buck takes Laska by surprise and holds him prisoner with a pistol. Buck orders Laska to order the Robot Martin, who will order the Zuggs to lay down their arms and obey Prince Laska like they would Robot Martin. Laska, in a feeble attempt, tries to get his robot to order the Zuggs to fire on Buck Rogers. Something he should have done in the beginning, but I guess he is a little slow. Buck removes the helmet from Martin, who is now himself once again.

Buck disconnects the filament from the helmet and puts it back on Martin, so he could command the Zugg people. Not that it would be necessary, because the Zugg men obey Prince Tallen again. But never mind that. Laska is taken to the dungeons, and the Revolt appears to be over. Buck and Wilma need to return to Earth immediately (what happened to two to three days?). Colonel Rogers contacts the Science General (Dr. Huer) from his spaceship. Isn't this the same radio that he was supposed to have removed and earlier destroyed? Buck requests that Dr. Huer use the Dissolve-O-Ray on their ship once they are insight of Kane's blockade. Why are Buck and Wilma leaving Captain Martin on Saturn? Wilma fires up the Starting Rockets.

The Commander of Outer-Atmosphere-Patrol is informed of an unidentified spaceship returning from Saturn. Kane suspects that it may be Laska. But we know that it is Colonel Buck Rogers and Lt. Wilma Deering. Commander White orders Patrol 62 to the 120,000 foot level where they will determine if Buck's ship is friend of foe. Wilma prepares some retarding rockets. They are approaching the 160,000 foot level, where Dr. Huer will hit them with the Dissolve-O-Ray. Too Late! Wilma discovers that they have already been spotted and need the ray now. Squadron 62 are ordered to fly above Buck's ship and use attack Formation 9. Dr. Huer's ray seems to be working again. Buck and Wilma are disappearing right before Kane's Squadrons. Oh NO! Ray explodes and is no longer able to maintain Buck's invisibility. Fortunately, Buck and Wilma made it safely through the blockade before they reappeared. He may have gotten through, but they are not out of danger yet. With the main tube busted on the Dissolve-O-Ray, Dr. Huer cannot help. Squadron 62 begin their attack with Control Rockets. One such rocket hits there ship head on, completely destroying it!
But wait! Is that a little man falling from the ship?
To Be Continued ....

Facts learned in this episode:
Aldar: Director of the Forum
Captain Martin: Member of the Hidden City
Commander White: Command of the Outer-Atmosphere-Patrol
Easter Eggs:
Deaths: 0
Miniatures: (1) Tunnel Car (1) Earth (1) Hidden City (1) Hidden City Spaceship (5) Kane Patrol Ships

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