Friday, April 4, 2014

Buck Rogers Radio Program, 1932 - 1947

Director(s): Carlo De Angelo & Jack Johnstone
Producer: Carlo De Angelo
Sound Effects: Ora Daigle Nichols
Writer(s): Dick Calkins, Joe Cross, Jack Johnstone, Albert Miller, Dee Falkinburg
Announcer(s): Paul Douglas, Fred Uttal
Buck Rogers (voice) .... Curtis Arnall, Matt Crowley, Carl Frank, John Larkin
Wilma Deering (Voice) .... Adele Ronson, Virginia Vass
Dr. Huer (Voice) .... Edgar Stehli
Black Barney (Voice) .... Jack Roseleigh, Joe Granby
Willie (Voice) ....
Rankin (Voice) ....
Stratton (Voice) ....
Joe Martin (Voice) ....
Buddy (Voice) .... Ronald Liss
Ardala Valmar (Voice) .... Elaine Melchior
Killer Kane (Voice) .... William "Bill" Shelley, Dan Ocko, Arthur Vinton

The Capital of 25th Century America is Niagara. In the year 1919 Buck was in the lower workings of an abandoned mine near the city of Pittsburgh. The wall and ceiling supports gave way that the whole thing caved in on Buck. A peculiar gas was released in the collapse that put Buck in suspended animation for 500 years. The ground shifted, perhaps due to an earthquake, that let in some fresh air that awoke Buck in the year 24__.

Behind the Scenes:
November 7, 1932 Through May 22, 1936
The radio show was first aired on CBS November 7, 1932 at 7:15pm, and played for 15 minutes every Monday through Thursday. By 1936 the days where changed to Monday, Wednesday & Friday. Show was cancelled on May 22, 1936. (That's potentially 720 episodes, 180 hours)

April 5, 1939 through July 31, 1939
Mutual brought the Radio show back on April 5, 1939 for 3 months. It was a 15 minute show that only played on Monday, Wednesday & Friday (51 episodes, 12.75 hours).

May 18, 1940 Through July 27, 1940
There was a break in the radio show until May 18, 1940 when the show became a half hour show, only on Saturday. (11 episodes, 5.5 hours)

September 30, 1946 Through March 28, 1947
The show was cut back to 15 minutes and was aired on the weekdays (Monday, Wednesday & Friday potential schedule?). (78 episodes 19.5 hours)

There is potentially 860 episodes, consisting of 217 hours and 45 minutes.
Facts Learned
Black Barney: Prime Minister of Mars
Dr. Huer: Invented the first rocket ship that took man to the moon, and interplanetary flight.
King Analdo: King of Mars

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