Friday, April 17, 2015

Buck Rogers Pistol No. 2

This little blaster is seen almost primarily throughout the second half the first season. I have not seen any official names for any of the pistols used throughout the series. Some of the guns/pistols that where used in Buck Rogers where also used in Battlestar Galactica. The base of this particular pistol was made from a Match-O-Matic butane gas lighter. It is shaped as a mini pistol which was a perfect starting point. The trigger and trigger guard were both removed and replaced with a new one that is more squared off. The barrel was unscrewed and removed as well. The wood sticker on the handle was most likely also removed and ribs where added down the handle then painted black. A clear acrylic tube was added for the barrel, so when the new push button was pressed by the actor, a bulb was lit for simulate the gun shooting. 

There are at least two variants of this pistol. The first one is seen above, the second had a safety catch added to the sides of the slide (I don't know how else to describe it)

A clear holster with a leather belt strap was also made for the blaster. The blaster was used by Buck, Wilma, and several Directorate personal, as well as some villains.
Once the master pistol was built, it was then molded and cast hollow to accommodate the electronics of the pistol. While the Match-O-Matic is originally chrome, all pistols in the show are painted silver. Below are some pistols that reside in personal collections, who shared their photos online.

Match-O-Matic Base


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