Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Thunder Fighter aka Star Fighter Miniature Model

 There were three Thunder Fighter Miniatures built for the show. Two where used, while the third was stated by may not have ever been finished.

The canopy was removable to allow the pilots to be swapped out. It also allowed the smaller two-seater canopy to be swapped out with the larger 4-seater canopy to create another variation of the ship.

For the episode "Happy Birthday Buck" we see a glimpse of the Star Fighter as it used to look 15 years prior.

Original models built/painted by: Mike Joyce & Ken Larson

TimeSlip Creations has built a Studio Scale resin garage kit of the Thunder Fighter for $314.95 (includes shipping) is producing a limited run (200 only) of Thunder Fighters, said to be cast off an original miniature for $749.99

One of the Original Thunder Fighters on owned by "cylon02"
Original Thunder Fighter Canopy on owned by "bubblejumper"

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