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Ep 113 Cruise Ship to the Stars, December 27, 1979

Director: Sigmund Neufeld, Jr.
Writer(s): Michael Bryant & Cory Applebaum
Guest Star(s):
Jalor "Jay" Davin .... Leigh McCloskey
Sabrina Michaels .... Trisha Noble
Cruise Ship Captain .... Brett Halsey
Alison Michaels .... Kimberly Beck
Tina .... Patrica Anne "Patty" Maloney
Tina (voice) .... ?
Gurney Langston, Jr .... Timothy O'Hagan (Young Man)
Tara A.K.A. Miss Cosmos .... Dorothy R. Stratten
Gammon .... ?
Marek .... ?
Full list of Cast and Crew

Miss Cosmos (a perfect genetic example of a woman in this Quadrant of space), fearing she is being stalked by someone informs the Ship Captain of the Lyran Queen. The Captain however informs her that as a cruise ship, they have no special security detail to provide. Seems strange that they do not have any kind of security on the cruise ship. The Captain then invites her to dinner at 1800 hours (6:00pm) as a special guest. As soon as the Captain leaves, Miss Jekyll, I mean, Sabrina comes out of hiding and heads for Miss Cosmos's room. Just at that moment, Miss Cosmos bodyguards exit the room and bump into her. A fight ensues. Sabrina is too strong for Miss Cosmos's bodyguards who quickly become overwhelmed. The Captain, hearing the commotion rushes back and informs security to come at once. Is this the same security that the Captain just got done telling Miss Cosmos he did not have? Luckily Miss Cosmos is a fast thinker and closes her door. Sabrina is stumped on what to do now with the door closed and retreats.

The following day Buck, Wilma, Twiki and Dr Huer are playing poker using a deck of cards that Twiki made for Buck. Buck sees Wilma's 20 credits, and raises her 10 more. Huer "spindles", "Fold" Buck corrects him. Wilma Folds. Buck lays down a three nines, a two and an ace for a three of a kind. Twiki lays down an ace, king, queen, jack, and 10, all black clubs for a Royal Flush. The deck definitely appears to be custom made for this scene. The back of the cards have the Directorate Logo and the letters and numbers are all in the font of the show, with upper and lower case letters with sides added or removed to give it a funky appearance. A fun deck of cards that would be great for the card collector.

Wilma and Huer begin discussing the Lyran Queen, kind of loudly, as if they are trying to make sure Buck over hears them. The Lyran Queen left Earth two days ago with Miss Cosmos aboard. This will definitely get Buck's attention. Dr. Huer suspects a group of thieves that collect inanimate objects of considerable value (most things that robbers would steal). However, he feels that they moved up to people of considerable value. Kind of like a collector of rare, one of a kind items. They could freeze her body and sell her genetic tissue at a staggering profit. The Stellar Authorities would get involved, but being unable to go undercover due to their agents all being too well known, they are enlisting the aide of the Earth Directorate, whom Dr. Huer has already selected Buck for the job, but is trying to be subtle enough to get Buck to Volunteer for the position. Which he does as the idea of meeting the perfect woman on a cruise ship is quite appealing to him.

Instead of flying in a Directorate Starfighter, Buck travels in the Canaris Shuttle. The miniature was originally built for Battlestar Galactica, but was redressed and painted. This is the second time this miniature has been used. It was also in Unchained Woman, as ship ILM-4. For the trip, Theopolis created a devise that puts out a coruscating light curtain that is strong enough to stop a bull elephant. Light itself isn't useful as far as an effective weapon, and I cannot fathom how a pulsing light can stop an elephant. The Captain escorts Buck to Miss Cosmos's room where they make formal introductions. The Captain prepares to leave when Miss Cosmos requests that he bodyguards, Gammon and Marek, leave with the Captain so that they could get a tour of the ship. Tara comes on to Buck pretty hard. A genetically perfect woman and a 500 year old man, just think of the permutations. Buck is more than whiling to uh, provide Tara with children, but he requests that they wait till after the danger is gone. He leaves, probably 'cause he has a situation that he needs to try to walk off.

Alison is expressing her concerns to her boyfriend, Jay, that she hasn't been enjoying herself on the ship, and she isn't sure what they are going to do for the next three weeks to stay entertained. Jay reminds her that the Neuromed was the one who recommended that she rest. Jay requests that Alison meet him at their table in 10 minutes for dinner. Alison begins to get flashes of her attacking the Captain of the ship and Miss Cosmos's guards. I never like it whenever we see flash backs, or TV surveillance videos, because it is always the exact same footage that was used when we the Audience saw it happen. Not only should it be a different point of view but it shouldn't be edited either.

Down by the swimming pool on the Lyran Queen, Miss Cosmos sits by the pool side enjoying her time. The Captain announces that they will be traveling at light-speed (18,6282 miles per second?), for a slow leisurely cruise to Stargate 1. From the Stargate, they will enter the Vega system to their first stop, Sutter's World. Wilma enters the pool area at this time where is is immediately stopped by Gurney Langston, Jr. Wilma introduces herself as Rhea Durant, from Manhattan. I think this is the first time being undercover that she used a false name. Well, Mr. Langston is rewarded for his persistence as Wilma agree's to have dinner with him. A colorful Ambu-Quad named Tina comes up to Buck and Twiki's table asking if they need anything from the bar. Twiki says a few things in his robotic language, and the two quads leave together. Could they be going into some dark broom closet to have robot sex? Twiki's libido is becoming more active. I don't know about you, but that is certainly the impression that I am left with. Time to prepare for the patter of little metal feet.

Miss Cosmos, or Tara, gets up to leave the pool area and heads back to her room. The P.A. announces that there is a lecture on the origins of Sutter's World in the Observation Room 3 on Level "J". Sabrina follows Miss Cosmos but is thwarted by Theopolis's coruscating light curtain. The energy curtain drains Sabrina's powers enough that she stumbles away and transforms back into Alison. The FX effect for this transformation reminds me of the FX transformation of the Police officer to a Zandozan in The Last Starfighter.  Buck, searching the State Room area, finds Alison on the ground and escorts her to her room. Alison asks if she could see Buck again tonight at the Banquette. Buck agrees to stop by her table. After Buck leaves, Alison goes into a fit and transforms back into Sabrina. Sabrina suggests that she is going to steal Wilma's, er, I mean, Rhea Durant's Denebian Moon crystals. Jay requests that Sabrina bring Alison back for their dinner in 20 minutes. Sabrina, in a fit transforms back to Alison.

Buck sits down at his table where Twiki and Theo are already waiting for him. Buck comments that his suit feels a bit outdated, but Twiki assures him that it is the latest fashion on Klosef 3. Buck isn't familiar with the new 'fork' used for eating. Theo instructs him to point it at the food and activate the switch at the base. The food is drawn to the 'fork' like a magnet. Buck instructs Twiki to tell Wilma to meet him in his cabinet at 2200 hours (10:00pm). Tina stops by Bucks table and wisks Twiki away to the Dance Chamber. Buck see's Alison and Jay and gets ready to go over to them to say hi, when Theo requests that Buck turn him 60 degrees to the left. Buck turns him more like 180 degrees. I guess Theo wanted to do some crowd watching.

Jay says that he isn't feeling well and must lie done. That's some strange "headache". This is Jays excuse to leave the table and go disarm the energy curtain that is shielding Miss Cosmos's room. Buck sits with Alison to keep her company. Jay makes a stop at the Disposal Room, where we find that one of the ships technicians is also in on the theft. Jay tells the man that they will be installing an antispectrometer, that will render the life scanners useless. Miss Cosmos walks by Buck with a look of "meet me in my room in five minutes". P.A. announces that the Formal Dining Room will be available for seating after 1830 hours (6:30 pm). Jay, in his employee coveralls and strange glasses, finds an Electromag[netic] sensor, that he suspects to be programmed for only a few specific patterns, one being related to Miss Cosmos's Light Curtain. The best way to disable it, of course is to shoot the control panel. I mean, naturally if you destroy a light switch itself, then the power to the light will fail...right?

Buck's watch alarm is going off and excuses himself from Alison's company. Cocktails are being served in the Astro Lounge on "F" Deck. Buck confronts Jay as he is attempting to deactivate the curtain outside Miss Cosmos's room. I cannot help but notice the black scorch mark on the wall already where Jay will eventually shoot. Jay escapes using a green smoke screen that he throws at the ground, that appears to affect Buck's vision temporarily. Buck regroups and discusses the situation with Dr. Huer on the subspace transmitter. Buck suggest that Huer send him some sonic pistols smuggled in the next cargo shipment. Oh, and some ear plugs.

Down in the Dance Chamber, Twiki and Tina are still going at it. Everyone seems to be doing the rubber-band dance. Being tied to your partner with a giant rubber-band shows the audience their new unique way of dancing in the future. It does look a bit ridicules now, but I cannot help but wonder how it would feel to be a human String Game.Wilma appears to have ditched Gurney and hooked up with two other men that she is dancing with. There is a lot of pelvic thrusting that gives me the impression that he dance is very sexual in nature. Sabrina is sitting at a near by table, watching Wilma, hoping to get her Denebian Moon crystal necklace. Wilma leaves the dance chamber while Sabrina follows. Somehow she cuts Wilma off and subdues her with a red energy beam fired from her finger tips. Jay's background check into Rhea proved Wilma to be an impostor. Sabrina however, seems undeterred as long as she was able to obtain the necklace. Wilma regains her composure and goes in for another attack. Sabrina is too quick and strong, throws Wilma into the wall, knocking the wind out of her yet again.

The P.A. announces that you should make for reservations for the Sightseeing Shuttle with the Ambu-Quad relations director. Sabrina walks away and right past Buck. Turning the next corner, Buck finds Wilma on the ground and takes her back to his room. The halls of the Lyran Queen appear to the exact same setup as the on the Draconia, just repainted. Theoplois assures Buck and Wilma that Buck's monitor should be able to pin point the location of the crystals due to their unique molecular structure. Buck places the monitor on the table next to Theo so he could take a look at it. It wasn't getting the signal that Theo promised that it would. In the next shot of Theo, the monitor disappears, then reappears later. Oops. Buck and Wilma determine that Sabrina must be a mutant that is some how two people. How Buck came to that conclusion seems awfully convenient for the plot, but in a real life situation seems highly improbable. There has been no evidence whatsoever to give Buck even a hint that conclusion may be even worth considering. Or is there?Was it Buck recognizing Jay being with both Alison and Sabrina what tipped him off? Buck leaves as Twiki enters exhausted. Wilma indicates that he should not be tired at 0300 hours (3:00 am). Twiki leans agains the wall and shut himself down.

0900 hours (9:00 am) Breakfast is being served on the Observation Deck. That is a late breakfast. Most hotels that I have stayed at (or even Bed and Breakfasts for that matter), Breakfast starts as early at 6:30 and ends around 9:00. I guess they waited till that hour so the guests could watch William's Comet as it past the ship. What did Buck do between three in the morning till now? Buck heads to Alison's room. Jay leaves Alison, while Buck looks the other way. Nothing like waiting till the boyfriend leaves before entering a desperate girls hotel room. Alison is freaking out that she is going insane, but Buck assures her that she is fine. I mean, sure he suspects that she is a mutant who transforms into a dangerous monster who steals for fun, and who could ultimately condemn her to a life sentence in prison. But there is nothing to worry about. Buck leaves her so he could get Theopolis to help her. But just after he leaves, Alison turns into Sabrina. It would seem that Sabrina has some consciousness while as Alison. She transformed for self preservation. She wasn't going to allow Buck to bring her a doctor what could help Alison get rid of Sabrina.

Sabrina blows down a door to get Bucks attention. Just then Jay conveniently pops out of nowhere, like they planned this little trap from the beginning. Which might explain why this hallway is completely empty of all guests. But that might also be explained by the fact it's breakfast time, and they are all in the Observation room. Sabrina and Jay take Buck to Miss Cosmos's room so he could deactivate the Light Curtain. When Buck refuses, Sabrina threatens Buck that she will do something to Wilma if he doesn't do as they ask. Trying to stay in character, Buck deny's knowing her. Sabrina then orders Jay to kill Rhea. Buck betrays himself and agree's to help Sabrina and Jay. He deactivates the Light Curtain allowing them to kidnap Miss Cosmos. Buck suggests that the Captain not permit any ship from leaving the Hanger, and any incoming shuttle vessel is to be searched for life forms. A useless precaution because they do not plan on Miss Cosmos to be alive when they leave the ship with her remains.

Back in the Disposal Room, Jay and Sabrina have tied Miss Cosmos up to a table where they plan to use a Microtomic laser to cut her up for transport and sale. The scene is very reminiscent to Goldfinger. The base of the laser appears to be the same one that was used in Planet of the Amazon Women for the Credit Display during Bucks Auction. Sabrina puts a antispectometer by the door to mask their life signs. Like all good villains, they leave Miss Cosmos alone in the room. No need to watch her. I am sure no one will interrupt their plans. The technician that is helping Jay and Sabrina demands that he receive the second half of his payment by tomorrow so he can leave before getting caught. They agree to his request, but plan on killing him instead. Alison forces herself back, suppressing Sabrina, and insists on heading back to Earth as soon as she can so she can get better. Jay indicates they are still three days off still from Sutter's World. If she waits till then, she could get a shuttle back to Earth. Unfortunately for Alison, the ship wont make any unscheduled stops to allow her to leave the ship. With each passing moment, the laser warms up.

Buck and Wilma are dancing on one of the Styrofoam cylinders first seen in Cosmic Whiz Kid. It's a good thing that Buck has learned some new dance moves, Otherwise he might look stupid. Buck and Wilma stop dancing and sit down with Alison and Jay. Buck confronts Jay about his previous conviction and tells Alison about her transmute ability and how Jay is using her. Angered, Alison turns into Sabrina, hurls Jay across the room, then walks off. hot on her heals, Buck, Wilma and Twiki use their sonic pistols to force her into the reactivated Light Curtain. Sabrina leaves, and Alison returns. Buck asks Alison where Miss Cosmos is (Wouldn't it be more logical to ask Sabrina that question, as Alison appears to have no memory of what she does when she is Sabrina?). I totally have forgotten about her being strapped down to a table getting ready to be dissected by a laser. It's a good thing that it takes so long for the laser to warm up or Miss Cosmos may already have been shish kabob by now. After some psychic flashes of the laser finally turning on (that she no way could have seen before), Alison tells Buck that Miss Cosmos is in the Disposal Room on Level "B".

Buck, finding the door locked to the Disposal Room, blasts the control panel, allowing the door to fly open. Another defiance of consistency for the sake of the plot. Shoot the panel to keep a door from opening, or shoot the panel to open it. Buck rushes in just seconds before the laser was about to cut into Miss Cosmos shoulder. The first time I saw this shot I thought that the laser had indeed sliced into her. Upon closer examination, Miss Cosmos has a reflection in the table that made it appear that she was being cut into when in fact the laser had not reached her shoulder yet. Once Tara is removed from the table, the laser automatically shuts down. Seems like a backwards safety feature to me...

Alison Michaels is checked into the Directorate clinic where she will endure several scans and tests. And after some modicum therapy, all of Sabrina's powers will be gone forever. Jalor Davin was picked up by directorate police. Dr. Huer requests that Buck and Wilma return to Earth on the next shuttle. Buck and Wilma instead plan on staying aboard the Lyran Queen just a little longer. Miss Cosmos plans on 'repaying' Buck for saving her life, and Wilma seems to have taken a liking to the young Mr. Langston, Jr. Twiki kisses Tina, and everyone laughs for a happy ending. Always got to end the show with a smile.

Character Facts learned in this episode
Miss Cosmos: Tara is a genetically perfect woman. She likes to paint as one of her hobbies.
Gurney Langston, Jr: From the Boston Complex. Family owns Rigel 3.
Rhea Durant of Manhattan: 82 year of old Woman. Owns Rigel 2. A recluse. 
Alison Michaels/Sabrina: Orphaned at a very young age. A Transmute who can split between herself and Sabrina, a kleptomaniac during times of stress. Boyfriend is Jalor Davin. They met at a bar almost a year ago. Went to New Chicago to see a female NeuroMed. She complained that she has been blacking out and waking up in strange places, dizzy spells, and nightmares. She was diagnosed with hypertension and prescribed to get some rest. Someday she hopes to one day see New Phoenix.
Jalor Davin: Was previously convicted for selling stolen property. Currently using Sabrina to steel for him.
References to the 20th Century that the 25th does't get: Shuffleboard, the Bump Dance,
My Favorite Lines: 
Deaths: 0
Miniatures: (1) Canaris Shuttle (1) Lyran Queen (1) Lyran Queen Set Piece

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  1. The cruise ship in this episode is later used in season 2 as the Searcher -- and it is given a new paint job on the outside.